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of Many owners of exhibition dogs interests a question: how it is correct to be engaged in basic fitness for show dogs ? Good physical shape — one of important components of victories in a ring.

the Basic principles of basic fitness for show dogs

  • Slow speed. It tires a dog stronger, but allows to develop endurance, necessary for a ring, there nothing expressional occurs. All exercises are carried out slowly, monotonously.
  • Concentration. It is necessary to support the due level of concentration all the time. It is possible to use delicacies, for example.
  • performance Accuracy. For example, if we do tightening up, but hinder legs of a dog at the same time have H-shaped posts, nothing good from this will leave. Move apart skakatelny joints at least a hand — so you put into muscle work, not involved in usual life, and strengthen the necessary sheaves. Try to obtain the maximum approach of appearance of a dog to the ideal picture.
  • Regularity.
  • Access to water. The dog has to have an opportunity how many will become thirsty, otherwise it will not work with the necessary return.
  • Fresh air. The lack of oxygen will have an adverse effect on efficiency of occupations.
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3 types of basic fitness for show dogs

1. On steady surfaces (everything that is not unsteady). It is very heavy to dog to be in motionless situation therefore if you achieved success in work on steady surfaces – it is remarkable, but it is necessary to move further and to put other exercise machines into operation. of Exercise can be:
  • Single-level: a statics with handling elements (for example, an exhibition rack on a flat surface during rather long time).
  • Raznourovnev: active reduction of muscles, coordination loading.


2. On special unstable exercise machines (everything that is unsteady). Exercises can be:

  • Single-level (a statics with handling elements, coordination loading). Height of the exercise machine has to be not higher, than a carpal joint of a dog. It can be a pillow from a sofa, a mattress, etc.
  • Raznourovnev (active study of deep muscles).
  • Multiaxis (strengthening of small muscles, articulate and copular device).

3. On the mixed exercise machines (a combination of that and another). Exercises share on:

  • Single-level (a statics with handling elements).
  • Raznourovnevye (active study of all groups of muscles, strengthening articulate связночного device).
 the dog does fitness
It is important to include in a training the "switching" loadings surely! It is impossible to do several exercises directed to one part of a body, in a row.
Is the exercises directed to study of muscles and articulate связночного the device and there are exercises which work out an exhibition lynx (generally kavalett are levels which are at a certain height and distance from each other, at least 4 levels and at most 20 — 5 times on 4).
the "Switching" loadings are necessary after each 3 exercises. I.e. worked over a breast, a back, a neck — "switched" to working off of a lynx. Still worked — again "switched".
as levels for a kavaletta can use gymnastic sticks, and it is possible — improvised material (for example, sticks from brooms or mops — everything that you will find houses). It is possible to spread them on books to create the necessary height. And at the same time nothing to itself damage the main thing that they were not injury-causing i.e. that the dog could bring down easily them a paw in case of a mistake. If levels are static, the probability of a bruise or other trauma is high.
Distance between levels for a comfortable lynx is equal to distance from a shoulder - a scapular joint to a coxofemoral joint of your dog.
Height of a level has to be not above a carpal joint of a dog.
the "Switching" loadings also well fulfill coordination. For example, you ran 4 levels of a kavaletta, were developed and ran them in the opposite direction — so the dog learns "to carry" herself on turns. It is possible to offer turns both on a steady surface, and on the unstable exercise machine round its pivot-center.


Features of creation of classes in basic fitness for show dogs

  • Warm-up: 3 — 5 minutes. It is necessary to warm a dog at all seasons of the year and to prepare an organism for specific loadings. Even in warm weather a dog it is necessary to knead!
  • Main part: 20 — 25 minutes. It is ideal duration, but if you have no such amount of time, then there will be quite enough 15 minutes.
  • Hitch: 5 — 10 minutes. Most often it either extension, or simple massage. Act accurately not to put to a dog a microtrauma. It will normalize an organism of a dog.
 the dachshund does fitness

Photo: fitness.dog

Safety measures in basic fitness for show dogs

the Main thing governed: all exercises are carried out independently, without coercion and the limiting ammunition. Only in this case muscles will correctly work. Otherwise the result will not be. It is necessary to learn "to direct" correctly a dog by means of delicacy.

If to meet all above-mentioned conditions, your dog will surely achieve success.

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