• Dec 21, 2020

Bronchitis and pneumonia at dogs most often – complications pitomnikovy cough . Less often it happens because of pronounced overcooling.

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How to prevent bronchitis and pneumonia at dogs?

  1. To avoid overcoolings.
  2. To address to the veterinarian if treatment of pitomnikovy cough does not give the expressed improvement in several days.
  3. To address to the veterinarian if the dog coughs, sluggish sneezes and at the same time, refuses from stern.

How to distinguish overcooling at a dog?

Overcooling can be suspected if the dog reluctantly walks, often looks at the owner, does not show activity.

If to pass the first signs, the dog begins to shiver, develops slackness.

Overcooling can develop not at once, and after the active period of walk.

Dogs of dwarfish breeds and a dog are more subject to overcooling without dense underfur. Also it can develop when soaking an underfur.

Do not forget that at bronchitis or pneumonia at a dog it is dangerous to self-medicate. If you have suspicions, it is worth addressing as soon as possible the veterinarian and to implement his recommendations.

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