• Aug 6, 2019

One of the most complex types of hair of dogs in leaving — northern. Huskies, Samoyeds, malamutes and other "woolen" representatives of the 5th FCI group who can brag of a double underfur belong to such breeds.

Care of dogs with northern type of wool has the features.

Hair of these dogs dense, double also has to be updated constantly that the dog looked beautifully. If a "northern" dog to start, not to look after her it is correct, the show will be extremely sad.

the Great influence renders food and the geneticist on a condition of hair of these dogs.

with northern type of wool it is extremely heavy to
of Pets to wash and dry as "fur coat" at them extremely dense. Minutes 15 — 20 leaves only on wetting "down an armor".

Hair of these dogs has one advantage — it is self-cleaning. If the wool cover in good condition, then dirt, drying up, falls off. However I all the same would recommend to wash the pet at least once a month as dirty wool does not grow.
can Grow only free wool!
Is opinion that often it is impossible to wash a dog as we deprive wool of a protective fatty layer. But the fatty layer is restored in 2 — 3 days. And if frequent washing was harmful, then all exhibition dogs would grow bald long ago, however they, on the contrary, shine and smell. Because their wool "live", it washes and eats, breathes.
 as fades a malamute of a photo
is better to wash a dog in a bathtub, but not in a shower cabin as even the most well-mannered dog dreams to get out quicker of this unpleasant place, and the shower cabin provides all conditions for escape. As a result hour on persuading a dog "to suffer a little can leave". Remarkably, if you have special adaptation to tie a dog.

Ya I ask too woolly four-footed clients to lie down in water of minutes 20 that wool got wet, and it will even reduce a water consumption. The attempt to water a dog with northern type of wool from "rain" can enrage even the most patient owner — you will pour 10 minutes water on a canine friend, and it will just flow down, at the same time the underfur will remain dry.

it is better for
to Dry "northern" handsome in the special room as wool during drying is blown off and flies in different directions, and you will scrape off then down from walls.

However, it is possible to organize "bathing day" and in house conditions if you have a powerful hair dryer (at least 2000 W). But you are adjusted on the fact that drying of a dog will take a long time (about 3 hours, and even it is more).

When drying surely use a sliker (slicker brush) or a crest. Thus you will help air to reach each hair.

the Nozzle of the hair dryer needs to keep at arm's length 20 — 25 cm from skin of a dog since too hot air will damage wool and leather.
the Important part of care of dogs with northern type of wool — comb-out. It is necessary to comb out "northern" dogs at least once a week, and in the period of a molt — every day.
of All aforesaid is enough for care of a pet, but here with exhibition dogs of efforts it is much more, and without the assistance of the professional groomer to you, most likely, not to manage.

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