• Aug 9, 2019
About care of long-haired dogs can be talked almost endlessly.
 Care of a long-haired dog
If is about pets, then, as a rule, shave them or cut. Basic care for such dogs: washing and combing. And combing is even more important, than "water procedures". It is necessary to comb out long-haired dogs, at least, once a week, otherwise wool will turn into continuous koltuna.

If we tell
about an exhibition copy, then it is necessary to comb such dogs at least, than 1 time in 2 days. And it is necessary to use balms, means from formation of koltun, antistatics, oils, etc. At each owner own arsenal of "counters" on care of the favourite collects.

Some wind hair curlers, someone spins to dogs of a braid, does "tails", puts on caps to save wool from adverse influence of the environment. For an exhibition long-haired dog wool — the main property. Even if in respect of anatomy the dog will give odds to all rivals, but he has "three hairs" bad — to him not to see a champion title.

Long-haired dogs differ in
from each other as wool.
Long wool can be silky (a Yorkshire terrier, a drag-net terriers, etc.) or more rigid (for example, a shih-tzu, an American cocker spaniel).

 American cocker spaniel
the American cocker spaniel — the owner of more rigid wool, than a Yorkshire terrier

can brag of Even more rigid wool Lhasa апсо or the English cocker spaniel.

And at the English cocker spaniels, in turn, too different types of wool which depend on a color: white wool more rigid, chocolate — softer, and black — is more rigid, than pale-yellow. As a result on one dog there can be about three different types of wool.
Even more rigid long wool — at the Tibetan terrier. The hair at it, of course, yet not horse, but strongly differs from hair, for example, cocker spaniels.
of Pets (and they sport 90% of cases a hairstyle) should be washed approximately once a month.
of Exhibition dogs is washed at least once a week, and every time is used all complex of care products and the procedure is carried out so as if to you tomorrow to come to a ring. Certainly, exhibition cosmetics at the same time is not used as it strongly differs from means for daily care of wool. Exhibition cosmetics differs in more rigid influence, but validity period short: today — tomorrow. A problem of daily cosmetics — to support wool in a healthy state between exhibitions: to humidify, feed, keep.

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