• Sep 17, 2019
As a rule, getting on the nature, the cat turns in a predator. And if you take the favourite to the dacha, be convinced that you took all precautionary measures to ensure to the pet safety and comfort, and yourself — peace of mind.

How to accustom a cat to giving?

is necessary for the Cat time to get used to a new situation. And even if in the city your cat safely came back home after walk, you should not expect that from the first day in the country everything will go perfectly.

That the pet the first minute did not jump
in bushes — and remember as called — put on him a breast-band with a lead. Also bring to the house.
Give to
the chance to look round, be rubbed about a thing to leave own smell. Surely take with yourself things, habitual for a canine friend (a toilet, toys, a stove bench, bowls).

only having convinced by
I that the cat absolutely calmed down and feels at home, it is possible to let out her to the yard.

However there too is required to it time for adaptation. Do not leave a cat unguarded, you will not be absolutely sure yet that she in safety.

What dangers threaten a cat outdoors?

  1. People. And it not only the koshkonenavistnik ready to throw a poison. It and neighbour's children who, having played, can drag away a fluffy with themselves.
  2. Cars. the Car can bring down a murlyka. Or a cat, having been frightened of noise, will climb on a tree and will not be able to go down.
  3. Pincers and fleas. Make sure that you took measures to protect from them the favourite.
  4. B to heat at a cat can happen heatstroke. Give it an opportunity to hide if desired in the cool place, and in free access there has to be water.
  5. Wasps and bees . The cat can hunt them and if your pet is stung by an insect, he can die.
  6. Poisonous plants. If at a murlyka salivation, a diarrhea, rapid breathing, it is excited or suppressed — means, this poisoning. Cause vomiting (fill a half of a teaspoon of salt on a uvula) and also wash out a stomach (pour in as much as possible water in a mouth of a cat).
  7. A poison for rodents. Even the poisoned animal eaten by a cat can become a cause of death of the favourite. Here without the emergency help of the veterinarian not to cope.
  8. Snakes. Signs of a sting of a snake: the swelling, skin reddening, an affected area becomes hot. First aid: antihistaminic medicine. And urgently go to the veterinarian.
  9. Injuries. Sources of traumatism set: for example, the neighbour's cat who occupied the territory, beaten glass or a nail. Process a wound (hydrogen peroxide will approach), grease with an anti-septic tank. If necessary apply a bandage. If the cat fell and broke a paw, it is necessary to impose the tire. And as soon as possible see a doctor.
  10. Undesirable pregnancy at a cat. The most well-tried remedy of prevention in this case – sterilization. You should not let out an unsterilized cat from the house.
  11. Infectious diseases. Make sure that vaccination is done to a cat.
If everything is made by
correctly, and you, and your cat will be able to enjoy outdoor recreation wholly.

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