• Feb 27, 2019

to Any domestic cat needs the cat's toilet consisting of a tray and filler. And the choice of the last — a task difficult. It is complicated by a set of the offered options of these products, besides it is necessary to consider both the preferences, and interests moustached, sometimes choosy, pets. To solve this problem will help 7 advice at the choice of cat's filler.

What Fillers for Cat's Toilets Are Offered Shops

the Offered versions

Fillers can differ in production material, the principle of action, appearance (with large and small granules, their color).

By the principle of action all of them are subdivided into two views:

Absorbing Fillers

  • Absorbing . They incorporate unpleasant aromas, moisture, changing only color, but not structure. At emergence of a smell make replacement of contents of a tray (in 5−6 days).
  • of Komkuyushchiyesya . At hit of liquid on their granules in a tray the dense lump which is removed from a tray a sovochok is formed, and in exchange fill a fresh portion of a product. Full replacement of contents in a tray is made in a half-month-month.

On structure such products can be the following types:

Rating of the Best Fillers

  • Wood. It is necessary to change them often that is connected with emergence of unpleasant smells.
  • Clay. Well absorb moisture and smells, but their parts stick to pads and are transferred on the apartment.
  • Corn or grain. Eco-friendly, are utilized in a toilet bowl. Their shortcoming consists in weightlessness of granules, to their scattering near a tray.
  • Mineral. Have porous structure, absorb moisture and smells, like a sponge. It is good to use such materials for kittens, to combine with other types of such goods. In a toilet bowl these products cannot be washed away.
  • Silica gel. These are excellent artificial products. Shortcomings them consist in the crunch and rustling of granules which not always is pleasant to cats.

Councils for the choice

Good stuff of a toilet for a cat has to meet certain requirements.

According to 7 councils of the choice of cat's filler, it is necessary to estimate goods by such criteria:

How to Choose Filler for a Tray

  • Usability and utilization.
  • Ability of material to reliable absorption of unpleasant smells. Otherwise cats can find other place for a toilet.
  • The absorbing properties of a product that the cat did not leave evil-smelling marks on all house.
  • Numerous use of a tray with filler that the cat in the absence of the owner did not celebrate the needs in other place.
  • Safety and environmental friendliness of a product for an animal and the person.
  • Intensity of a smell as the flavored fillers can not be pleasant to cats.
  • A possibility of formation of the dust capable to settle on hair of a cat.

Among the goods answering to these criteria it is possible to call the following fillers:

Corn Filler

  • wood — Barsik, Zoonik;
  • clay — Catsan Ultra Plus;
  • corn — N1 Naturel;
  • mineral — Catsan Ultra Plus;
  • silica gel — N1 Crystals and Cat Step.

Being guided by 7 councils for the choice of cat's filler, it is possible to get a safe and eco-friendly product which will be pleasant to both animal, and his owner for the pet.

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