• May 16, 2019

As well as people, animals have mentality, they are capable to operate the behavior and a state. And if there is a mentality, so also its violations therefore cats and dogs have mental disorders too are possible. These problems are limited in the manifestations and to find them rather difficult. However it is very important to owners to control a condition of the four-footed pets. The most widespread diseases are presented in article.

Cats and Dogs Have Mental Disorders Too

the Depression at cats and dogs

Obsessivno-kompulsivnoye Frustration at Cats and Dogs

the Depression is not less widespread among animals , than among people. Owners can notice that the pet became sluggish and slowed down, poorly reacts to the address to him. Sometimes at a cat or a dog the stereotypic behavior — spinning can be watched a tail, vomiting and repeated swallowing food.

the Animal can lose skills of cleanliness , Dogs dogs are capable to become conflict in relation to other males. The loss of appetite and fast fatigue is observed. The depression most often arises because of moving, change of owners, change in family composition, etc.

Development of phobias

Phobias can be shown and progress for several years. Cats and dogs at whom such states are observed try to avoid provocative factors at any cost. Most often phobias arise because of any psychological trauma. At panic state can be observed the following symptoms:

  • rapid breathing;
  • expanded pupils;
  • the ears which are taken away back;
  • the pet rushes about in panic, saliva is emitted;
  • the animal whines and shivers.

Disturbing state

Mental Disorders at Cats and Dogs

the Alarm is a presentiment of future danger , combined with feeling of depression or somatic signs. The reason of a disturbing state is capable to be both external, and internal.

At long alarm can meet peeling of skin and loss of a woolen cover. Distinctive sign of the animals suffering from uneasiness — inability to expect development of the situation, they react to an incentive almost immediately.

of Obsessivno-kompulsivnoye frustration

Diseases at Cats and Dogs of Mental Character

It is interesting that animals have ROC too, as well as at people. Dogs and cats can behave strange, constantly catch the tail, suck paws, chew wool, dig and busily chew food.

Most often if the owner abuses the pet for his behavior, an animal tries to hide and continues the study secretly . When the owner comes nearer, the four-footed favourite are terminated and renew when the animal remains alone again. However so happens not always, some cats and dogs continue to make persuasive actions even if they are abused for it.

it is more difficult to

to define Mental disorders at cats and dogs, than at people, but to make it very important. If the owner noticed that the behavior of the pet changed and these changes do not stop during certain time, it is necessary to show the favourite to the veterinarian.

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