• Dec 14, 2018

"Side effect" of accommodation of the favourite pet in the apartment. Ways of disposal of it exist therefore quite we resolve an issue. — to have the main thing the good liquidator of smells near at hand. Also national methods will help to cope with a problem. It is necessary to eliminate not only consequences of an oversight of the friend having a tail, but also the reasons which entailed his such behavior.

How to Get Rid of an Urine Smell

of the Reason of "murders"

There are five main reasons for which the pet celebrates need in not put place. They are as follows:

Disposal of a Smell of Cat's Urine

  1. Toilet, inconvenient for a cat. The tray has to be surely twice more, than the murlyka, and to stand in a secluded corner.
  2. A new smell, an animal, a subject or the person in the apartment. Cats watchfully treat innovations as feel main in the house therefore they mark footwear of the stranger or a bed on which the newborn sleeps, for example.
  3. A stress which the lack of attention or punishment can provoke. Before making the friend having a tail, it is necessary to consider his affection and rancor.
  4. Feeling sick of the pet. Has to guard the owner that the cat does "murders" at his presence. The best option in that case — to go to the veterinarian.
  5. Tags. With their help the polovozrely animal attracts to itself an opposite sex. The cat needs to be castrated or let out to walk on the street.

Traditional ways of a solution

How to Fight against an Urine Smell

Before starting elimination of a stench, needs to find its source that similar incidents did not repeat in the future. When the place of an excrement of the pet is found, it is necessary to blot it with a rag, and then to wash away and open a window for airing of the room.

It should be taken into account that uric acid has persistent and strong smell which after removal of a pool weakens. But it is worth wetting this place as "aroma" appears again.

In any apartment where the fluffy pet lives, there have to be means for destruction of bad smells.

Among "rescuers" who have the smallest harm for cats it is possible to note:

Than to Remove an Urine Smell

  • Cleaning and washing, containing chlorine — Domestos, Whiteness, Sanita. It is possible to carry out sanitary cleaning by them only on concrete and linoleum. They can damage a parquet, laminate, a carpet, clothes or leatherette. The sponge needs to be moistened in means and it is good to wash "crime scene" with a large amount of water. An animal for this time it is better to close in other room as it is not recommended to inhale fumes of chlorine.
  • Analogs of disinfectors from shop — laundry soap, potassium permanganate, a tooth elixir, hydrogen peroxide, soda solution, alcohol, vinegar, citric acid, tea tea leaves. It is better not to apply sal ammoniac as it contains ammonia, as well as in urine of a cat that can provoke an animal "to nakhuliganit" repeatedly.
  • Self-made cleaning liquid. It is necessary to part one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid in 100 ml of peroxide. To initially wash away pollution by vinegar and to strew with soda, then to rub the prepared mix. In 30 minutes to remove the remains with the vacuum cleaner.

Modern means

In pet-shop it is possible to get many means which will help to get rid of an intolerable smell. There are medicines which contain the enzymes neutralizing uric acid. Among them:

Means for Disposal of a Smell and Spots of Urine

  • Odorgon;
  • Biot-@;
  • Pat's poppycock;
  • Fukortsin;
  • Carat poppycock;
  • Poppycock Smouk;
  • Poppycock Juice.

They are analogs of Vanish who is quite well advertized, and save not only from a smell, but also from microbes . It is worth waiting 30 minutes after processing and to wash the problem place with water.

Effectively also sprays cope with a task. For example, Formidon — spray from sweat. If the cat marked a houseplant, then Antizapakh will help. This ozonizer can be used also for footwear.

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