• Mar 17, 2019

the House favourite will give birth to healthy puppies if, having been in the family way, it contains in comfortable conditions. And also the healthy nutrition so by drawing up a diet it is necessary to consider 7 councils for feeding of a pregnant dog is necessary. Taking into account the used natural or ready-made feeds the rules will work. It is worth understanding them.

The list from 7 councils for feeding of a pregnant dog; choice of a forage

Useful tips

The diet of a pregnant animal should not differ from habitual food considerably. Otherwise there will be disorders of digestion creating to the alumna an additional stress. And also should consider the following rules:

How to Feed the Pregnant Pet

  • The house favourite needs meat and dairy products. Protein is construction material for bodies. However, besides proteins, the fats and carbohydrates which are a part of vegetables and porridges are necessary for a dog.
  • It is impossible to overfeed the four-footed favourite. If she gains excess weight, it will be more difficult for it to give birth. Because of a metabolic disorder pathologies therefore at childbirth surgery will be required can develop.
the dog can badly eat

at the beginning of pregnancy. It is peculiar "toxicosis". In that case you should not feed the alumna violently.

Governed for different forages

During pregnancy, besides a natural forage, the medicines containing vitamins are necessary for the house favourite. Giving them to a dog, the owner has to adhere to following recommendations:

Healthy Nutrition of a Pregnant Dog

  • It is better to give preference to monovitamins because polyvitaminic medicines quite often contain vitamins badly compatible with each other. Besides in polyvitamins quite often concentration of useful substances is less.
  • Norms of the used vitamins calculate taking into account age and the weight of the alumna.

When feeding of the house favourite who is in the family way the dry feed recommends to choose the option intended for pregnant animals . It contains necessary vitamins.

The Choice of a Good Forage for a Pregnant Dog

you Should not use cheap brands of economy class which captivated the market of dog forages today. It is better to give to the alumna of a forage of the superior quality — a premium class.

Stabilizers and dyes should not be a part of the used dry feed. So it is necessary to check of what components it consists.

Quite good option for a pregnant dog — of "Royal Canin" . Giving it, it is necessary to remember that he is not recommended to add vitamins K. Otherwise at an animal will progress гипервитаминоз.

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