• May 1, 2019

Appearance, compliance to standards of breed, health and activity of an animal directly depend on whether correctly he was fed at early age. In the first year the foundation of future health is laid and the bone and muscular system is formed. Therefore it is important to follow 7 rules of feeding of puppies of the large sizes.

Food of Large Puppies

of Feature of development

Dogs of big breeds differ from the small fellows in decent weight — more than 30 kg and high growth — up to 75 centimeters in withers. These are mastiffs, St. Bernards, mastiffs, German shepherds. Small dogs turn into an adult individual in 10−11 months, and puppies of the large sizes continue to grow up to 2−2.5 years, and increase during this time weight by 70−90 times, small — only in 20.

of the Rule of feeding of puppies

Kids grow unevenly, jumps. Often growth of the musculoskeletal device advances muscular and cardiovascular systems in the development that can lead to diseases of heart and joints. Therefore to pupils up to 3 months are undesirable excessive physical activities , such as high jumps, rise on a ladder.

Puppies of big breeds are inclined to overeating and easily gain excess weight, it can be avoided, regulating frequency rate of meal and quantity of a forage.

Experienced cynologists follow the simple rules:

Diet of Large Puppies

  • Not to overfeed pets, it leads to obesity and gastrointestinal diseases.
  • To be defined in advance, than to feed: ready concentrates or natural products often not to change food.
  • Not to give the remains from a table.
  • To count vitamin and mineral additives, at independent preparation of a forage more attentively.
  • It is necessary to walk the pet in 1−1.5 hours prior to food or in an hour later not to provoke заворот guts at the kid.
  • Regularly to weigh a dog.
  • The bowl with clear water has to be always available to a puppy.
What it is better for

to feed with

it is the simplest to choose ready food for dogs , but many give preference to the food cooked from natural products. In this case it is more difficult to balance vitamins and minerals in an animal diet. It is impossible to add to food for puppies of spice and spice. It is forbidden to feed them with smoked products, fat, potatoes, flour and pasta. Citrus, sweets and chocolate too under a ban.

Food for kids has to be:

How to Feed Large Puppies

  • Freshly cooked.
  • To have room temperature.
  • Dense.
  • It is better to choose a forage with big pieces that when chewing muscles of a jaw worked and the puppy did not eat everything at once.

If the pet too quickly gains weight or it has a sagging of a back, wrong posts of extremities, most likely, with food not everything is all right . In such cases address the veterinarian-nutritionist. Respect for the principles of feeding of puppies will help to grow up the healthy pet.

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