• Sep 22, 2020

the head from time to time. But when the dog begins to shake the head often and does it intensively, and even whines, it has to guard. Why the dog shakes the head and what to do in that case?

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4 reasons why the dog shakes-headed

  1. Damages fish soup. The foreign matter can get into an ear, the insect, etc. can bite a dog. What was the reason, it causes discomfort, and even severe pain, and the dog shakes the head, trying to get rid of it.
  2. Otitis. Inflammatory process causes severe pain in an ear, and the dog begins to shake head.
  3. Trauma heads. It is one more reason for which the dog can shake the head.
  4. Poisoning. Some chemicals or toxins can also cause similar behavior.

What to do if the dog shakes the head?

If the dog often and strongly shakes the head and furthermore if a dog at it whines or growls probably she suffers from discomfort or even severe pain. In this case the unique decision – as soon as possible to address the veterinarian. And, certainly, strictly to implement recommendations.

You should not ignore similar behavior. With what earlier you will begin treatment, that is higher chances that the dog will recover as fast as possible.

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