• Mar 8, 2020

the Internet dazzles with councils for education of dogs. And many owners to whom a lack of time to think of psychology of the pet, take everything in all good faith and diligently implement recommendations which differently as not to carry to "bad advice", consequences are often sad.

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So how to bring up a dog to destroy relationship and to impart to the pet disgust for occupations with you? Easily!

10 bad advice on education of dogs

  1. Study and apply outdated theories – for example, the theory of dominance! Well, and that that scientists already proved its insolvency as it is fair only for the animals who appeared in unnatural conditions with extremely limited resources? And how differently you will be able to try on on yourself a role of the supervisor in prison of a high security, without leaving the house?
  2. Bite a dog to inform her of the point of view, or fill up it on a back! No matter, that the dog does not perceive you as other dog and that your behavior will look in her eyes, to put it mildly, dangerously. Let it will be ready to surprises at any time! However, for a start very much I recommend to learn to turn aside: suddenly the dog nevertheless will believe that you – other dog, and will decide to bite you in reply? And reaction at dogs excellent! But, if your person escapes, will be able to be proud of the reaction too.
  3. Follow the rules which to you are read by "experienced" cynologists, but not what are convenient to you. And let scientists proved that the main thing – the sequence, and it is unimportant who eats with the first or passes at a door. Even if you want that the dog shared with you a sofa or it is more convenient to feed her before you sit down to have supper, do not do it at all! "the experienced cynologists who brought up 28 алабаев for work at customs" precisely know that your Labrador sleeps and sees, kind of to move you on a rug and to take your place behind a dining table!
  4. Select at a dog a bowl with food . Always. And surely pretend that began to eat from there. Too select toys. No matter, that your dog protects favourite things. All these modern techniques – a complete nonsense. To select a bowl or a favourite toy – here the best way of a solution! Do you have pair of excess hands? Besides, now, speak, do quite good artificial limbs …
  5. If you gather for walk, and the dog began to express joy, surely seat her on endurance – a minimum for 15 minutes from the first day, and it is one hour better! And to a step for a door until the dog stays all this time so as if she hands over test on OKD! Perhaps, the following walk under such circumstances will take place only in few months if takes place in general – well and what? A technique of small steps – for weaklings, and you do not treat them? You need all and at once !
  6. do not allow a puppy to communicate with relatives At all ! Well and that that he will grow up coward and aggressive? But it will be the pet who does not need other dogs!
  7. Do not play with a dog ! Otherwise she will think that with you it is possible to play the fool and allow liberties. And you have a prison of a high security, remember?
  8. If the dog made something not so – pull a lead ! And as it is possible stronger! The dog will sustain, she is a dog. Well, and that that from it she will become nervous and aggressive and/or will injure a trachea? But you will prove that you the leader and to you it is not necessary to joke in your society! Ah and, nearly forgot. Already said to you that the best ammunition is "строгач" or a stranglehold? And you already bought an electroconvulsive collar?
  9. One more way to prove that you – "alpha individual" — not to let the pet into place . Let any humanists though obdokazyvatsya that the place of a dog – her shelter where she has to feel comfortable and in safety. For you the authority – "the experienced cynologist who brought up 28 алабаев"! And the dog let will suffer, it is useful for it to realize the situation once again.
  10. Give to a dog as a toy the old phonebook or the magazine . But then surely punish her if it tears the necessary books and magazines! Eventually, let learns to read and distinguish useful from unnecessary!
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