• Mar 8, 2020

If to exercise in education of a dog judgment, it is very pleasant and fascinating process. Unpleasant experiences (both a dog, and the owner) in the course of education of the pet are most often connected with the fact that the owner does not consider need of a dog or applies inhumane methods.

Certainly if you derive pleasure from fight, all means are good, but most of owners nevertheless loves the dogs and does not find anything pleasant in battle with them. Whether education of a dog with pleasure is possible? Yes!

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What needs to be considered at education of a dog?

First of all, it is important to remember that the dog does something "not that" not because wants to do "to spite" but because just did not explain to her yet what from it is required. Here she also tries – as is able. The owner's task – to train a dog in desirable behavior, having satisfied at the same time her requirements.

It is important to be convinced that the dog is healthy. If she feels not really well, all your efforts will be gone in vain.

It is important to notice signs of fear at a dog. If she panics, it is impossible to teach her to something "useful" – in the beginning it is necessary to work with fear.

Strategy of education of a dog

There is a strategy which allows to teach a dog practically to anything and at the same time to correct undesirable behavior. Let's consider it on the example of one problem: the dog oblaivat people on the street.

  1. Understand motivation of a dog . It is for this purpose important to watch it and to understand body language. Whether the oblaivaniye of strangers on the street is connected with motivation of avoiding?
  2. Analyze behavior of a dog to understand that she feels. For example, if the dog shows fear, the motivation of avoiding moves her and she wants to come to be on other region of the globe from this terrible person.
  3. What benefit is brought to a dog by her behavior? If she barks at strangers probably they do not approach – means, the objectives are achieved, the contact managed to be avoided.
  4. What starts undesirable behavior? If the dog barks at people - it is some certain people, or only women, either men, or children, or those who look at a dog, or those who pull to it hands?
  5. Define a distance at which it is possible to work. For example, the dog already looks at the "awful" person, but does not bark yet and does not panic.
  6. Think what the dog wants at present. What it is possible to award her for good behavior with? It can be delicacy, a game or still something that is important for it here and now. The most important – to give a reinforcement in time.
  7. Offer an alternative . Think what behavior can satisfy at the same time need of a dog and will suit you. And, perhaps, there is a sense to work with motivation (for example, to teach a dog "to love" people).
  8. Think over the action plan : how to teach a dog to new behavior, using small steps, from simple to difficult.

Main approaches to correction of "bad" behavior of a dog

There are several approaches which allow to teach a dog to "good" behavior instead of "bad".

  • – when we will organize management of behavior Wednesday so that the "bad" behavior did not repeat. For example, if the dog steals from a table, we remove all food where she remains without supervision.
  • Training in incompatible behavior – when the "bad" behavior is replaced with another, incompatible with it. For example, you teach a dog to look on command to you in the face when you pass by "awful" people – if the dog is concentrated on you, it will be difficult to it to panic.
  • Desensitization – gradual schooling is quiet to react to an irritant, all increasing on force. For example, we teach a dog to relax, at the same time the distance is gradually reduced to the "awful" person.
  • A classical kontrobuslovlivaniye – creation of positive association with "awful" people. For example, it is possible to feed a dog with the most tasty delicacy only when you work approach to these "awful" people, and then at their emergence the dog waits from you for a bonus – and who will bark at a source of pleasant feelings?

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