• Feb 26, 2020
I here you — a happy sobakovladelets! When the first euphoria ceases, you with guarantee will ask a question: how to bring up a puppy? The obedient, appeasable and well-mannered puppy will grow a dog, convenient for cohabitation.

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As is correct to bring up a puppy

Education of a puppy includes working off of such skills as:
  • response to a nickname
  • schooling to a collar/breast-band and a lead, schooling to a muzzle
  • schooling to display of teeth, to manipulations with ears and paws
  • schooling to go on the sagged lead
  • working off of teams "Row", "To Me" "to Sit", "Lie", "Stand"
  • working off of elementary endurance in the main positions
  • breaking of a puppy to select food from the earth.
Observation of the expert: As this type of training is not standard, often it includes also other wishes of owners, such as socialization of a puppy, schooling to the place, breaking from a bed, schooling to cleanliness, formation of food and game motivation and maintaining the correct balance between both types of motivation, formation of balance of processes of excitement and braking, etc.

When it is possible and it is necessary to begin education of a puppy

to Begin to bring up a puppy it is possible (and it is necessary) from the first day of its stay in the new house. Only education to education discord. You should not "take occasion by the forelock" and in the first day to undertake training of all teams at once. Let's the kid adapt, explore the new house. Your new family member will eat, sleep and play. A game — a great way of development of motivation, concentration of attention on the owner, pereklyuchayemost. In any case — all training process can be turned into the most interesting game! And considering that the puppy gets to us being able "tabula rasa", we have an opportunity to mold that dog of whom we dreamed. And this molding — process constant, demanding from us almost absolute inclusiveness in the little pet: we need to encourage regularly actively the correct behavior and small victories of ours of the baby and to ignore or switch (and ideally — not to allow) the wrong behavior.

often ask me: "How it is correct to punish a puppy for his intrigues and overindulgence?" Usually I answer: "In any way! It is necessary to punish itself, for the fact that allowed carelessness or provoked a puppy to the wrong action".

As it is correct to bring up a puppy

we Bring up a puppy a game

So far a puppy is on a quarantine, you have odds! This your time! Time when you quite easily can "tie up" a dog on yourself. You learn to play with a puppy. To play, selflessly, sincerely fair. Imitate by means of a toy production and how it runs away. Usually the hare does not jump to a dog in a mouth, he does not fly by air over the head of a puppy (do not forget also that jumps at early age are dangerous and very traumatic). Playing, imitate hunting, imitate by means of a toy of the running-away hare. You teach a puppy to switch from your hands or legs to a game with a toy. You teach it to like to play with you, otherwise after an exit to the street and acquaintances to other dogs it will be difficult to you to play them.

we Bring up a puppy earning of food

How many once a day is eaten by your kid? 4 times? 4 trainings will be excellent, so at you a day. You learn to work from the first day of stay of the kid in the house with it regularly. Accustom also the kid to earn food. Your trainings should not be long: for a puppy age up to four months of a training session 10 — 15 minutes will be enough.

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How to begin to bring up a puppy? For what to award him? Here everything is simple.
  1. the Puppy approached you? — called it on a name and gave a piece.
  2. Posemenili from him on several steps, he ran for you — called on a name and gave a piece. You accustom a puppy to react to the nickname.
  3. Sat down on a bed, and the kid remained on a floor — gave a piece for 4 pads on a floor: at present you work the quiet relation to a bed.
  4. Put a breast-band and a lead on a puppy, walked with him through the room, slightly sipping for поводочек from time to time and awarding for circulation — it you accustom the kid to a lead and that on a lead it is controlled.

we Disaccustom a puppy everything to try on tooth

Usually puppies very much like to try everything on tooth or to dig out. How to fight against it? I very much, very much love the String method. While you are at home, the puppy walks in a collar (or a breast-band) to which the meter string is tied. As soon as the kid begins to make actions which are unpleasant to you (gnaws footwear or a leg of a stool, stole slippers, …) you step on a lead, tighten a puppy to yourself, switch to a piece of delicacy or to a game with you.

If the kid all the same reaches for a forbidden thing, there are several solutions: the first (and the simplest) — to remove a forbidden thing from reach for two weeks. If the first way does not suit you for one reason or another (though I very much would recommend to put away footwear in cases), we try the second. Holding a string and not letting the kid to a forbidden thing, we speak strictly: "No", we make a pause and we watch a puppy. Most likely, the kid will try to achieve the. We forbid and do not give to make offense. We wait. We forbid and do not give. We wait. We forbid and do not give …
the Number of attempts to achieve the objectives at each puppy will be a miscellaneous. At someone 3 — 4 attempts, at more persistent puppy — to 8, at especially persistent (puppies of terriers often treat those) — to 15, and even 20. The main thing — patience, do not give up! As soon as the puppy turned away from a desired stool or departed from it, surely praise him! Learn to see and celebrate its small daily victories. Also do not forget to remove a string for the night or when you leave the house.

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