• Sep 16, 2019

Each owner of a cat at least once asked himself a question: how will get rid of an unpleasant smell? And it is not trifles at all. Producers of the Ever Clean cat litter agree with it. Their motto: "In life of cats there are no trifles!". Therefore they approached development of filler extremely responsibly. Result – a wide choice of fillers of a super-premium class on any, most pretentious taste. We will also consider them in our article.

 a cat in a toilet

to look how Ever Clean filler works , we will make experiment. For it we need water, ammonia (for imitation of cat's urine) and комкующийся Ever Clean filler a lavender.

What distinguishes good cat litter?

Almost any of us on a question what has to be cat litter, will answer: "Good!" But what includes the concept "good filler"? According to us, good cat litter has to solve 4 problems :

  1. As much as possible to eliminate an unpleasant smell. For this purpose "Ever Clean" "equipped" each granule with a unique "trap of an unpleasant smell". The signature patented technology of use of activated carbon does not mask an unpleasant smell, and catches it and reliably "locks" in granules.
  2. Perfectly to komkovatsya. Thanks to high-quality clay, at hit of liquid in a tray filler komkutsya instantly, without sticking to tray walls.
  3. To mark out aroma. Fillers for cat's toilets of "Ever Clean" happen both to fragrances, and without them. Many are afraid of fillers with fragrances, but in this case fears that fragrance will frighten off a cat, are groundless – it begins to work only when liquid gets to a tray or the cat goes into filler pads.
  4. To minimize amount of dust. Fillers "Ever Clean" are created on the basis of a formula with the low content of dust so adequately cope with this task.


cat litter to choose?

How many people, are so much also opinions. Including concerning cat litters. Some of us like a lavender smell, others screw up the face from fragrances, and someone looks for filler which will not stick to "trousers" of the long-haired pet … "Ever Clean" offers the options capable to satisfy the most pretentious taste.

Cat litters with the maximum elimination of an unpleasant smell and a heavy-duty komkovaniye

If you prefer cat litter with fragrance, choose Scented Extra Strong Clumping”. Этот filler perfectly komkutsya, has aroma of freshness, effectively eliminates vapors of ammonia and completely blocks unpleasant smells.

If you prefer filler without fragrance, can stop on Unscented Extra Strong Clumping”. It Komkutsya, blocks unpleasant smells and it eliminates ammonia vapors so effectively.

The cat litters with fragrance which are perfectly eliminating unpleasant smells

Cat litter " of Lavender – with aroma of a lavender" will provide gentle, unostentatious aroma of a lavender in your house. At the same time the aroma will begin to be distinguished only at contact with moisture or pads, that is will not frighten off a cat.

If you prefer a smell of sea freshness, can stop the choice on filler " of Lavender there is a sea breeze". This filler thanks to the patented technology neutralizes even the strongest unpleasant smells, and at the same time at contact with liquid or pads marks out pleasant aroma of freshness. Who does not want to feel the vacationer on the seashore even if you sit at the monitor at this time?

Fillers for several cats with the maximum elimination of an unpleasant smell

If at you lives a little мурлык, we advise to buy cat litter " of Multiple of Cat" . Thanks to a special formula, filler as much as possible eliminates smells, forms especially strong lumps, and at contact with liquid or pads marks out pleasant aroma.

Filler for small rooms

In the small or badly aired rooms the unpleasant smell is especially intolerable. That also you, and a cat felt well, "Ever Clean" developed the Fast Acting Odour Control” cat litter. This filler made on special technology with use of activated carbon and plant extracts instantly eliminates unpleasant smells even in the smallest or not aired room.

Filler for kittens or long-haired cats

Care of long-haired cats and kittens sometimes becomes complicated the fact that to their pads and "panties" filler granules stick, and then dissipate on all house. To solve this problem, "Ever Clean" developed cat litter " of Less of Trail" . Thanks to larger granules and the formula which is removed dust for 99.9%, granules of this filler stick much less to pads and wool and consequently, your house remains clean.

Filler for unsterilized cats and cats

Cat litter with multi-crystals " of Multi-" perfectly is suitable of Crystals for unsterilized cats and cats whose urine contains the high level of ammonia. Thanks to special multi-crystals, filler instantly absorbs moisture and eliminates the strongest smells.

As you see, fillers for cat's toilets of "Ever Clean", providing purity and lack of unpleasant smells in the house, are capable to satisfy the most exacting tastes of fans of cats.

At rather high cost, these fillers okazyatsya more economic and favorable in comparison with analogs that adds points to above-mentioned qualities. "Ever Clean" is on sale on shelves of shops of our country in packings of 6 and 10 liters.

If you choose one of these fillers, the only thing that from you it will be required – to remove every day lumps and to keep a filler layer not less than 7 cm

Remember that it is impossible to throw out the used filler in a toilet bowl! Instead use a garbage can.

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