• Mar 8, 2020

you became the happy owner of a puppy or adult dog, but are not sure that you will manage to bring up and train the pet correctly. An exit which seems logical and correct – to address the expert. However, having begun to be interested in this question, you for certain will face a set of the most different offers and approaches, sometimes mutually exclusive. How to choose the cynologist?

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8 councils for the choice of the cynologist

There are recommendations, following which, it will be simpler to you to orient and choose the cynologist for the dog.

  1. it is important that your views of education and training of dogs coincided . There is a set of methods of training, however it is the best of all to choose the cynologist who uses not strangleholds, electrocollars, a beating and breakthroughs, and delicacy, a praise, games and toys. Such approach is based on the principle according to which the supported behavior is shown even more often, and what is not supported, dies away. At the same time the methods based on violence make a dog passive, intimidated and form at her disgust for occupations and fear of the owner – whether such effect is necessary to you?
  2. Be careful . Now many trainers write about themselves as about the experts using "only humane methods", but at the same time in practice do not shun to advise owners, for example, to deprive a dog of water and food, to lock in a cage for the whole day "in the educational purposes" or to use other ways of physical and psychological abuse. And if the cynologist tells that the dog tries "to dominate", it unambiguously to strike an occasion it off the list – the theory of domination long ago and is hopelessly obsolete and at the end of the last century is recognized not having any relation to reality.
  3. Take an interest in education of the expert . The good cynologist not simply "loves dogs" and "all life communicates with them". He still understands psychology of dogs, body language, can offer several ways of the solution of the arising problems and knows how to motivate a dog that it was not necessary to force it. And yet the good cynologist never ceases to study.
  4. Look, that the cynologist spreads and writes in the Internet , including on social networks.
  5. If the cynologist tells that some breeds of dog "do not give in to training" , it is better to look for other expert.
  6. The good cynologist can explain as why he does . Do not hesitate to ask questions. Eventually, your dog, and the final decision on how to work with her, you accept.
  7. The cynologist's task – to teach not a dog, and you – to interact with a dog . Yes, the expert can show you as it is correct to teach a dog to some skill, but the most part of occupation you work with the dog under the leadership of the expert. If the cynologist takes away from you a dog and works with it, he, perhaps, will be able to teach her to obey … himself, but you can face difficulties and disappointment later.
  8. At last, it has to be pleasant to you to work as with the specific person . All of us like different type of people, and, whatever professional was a cynologist if he is not nice to you as the personality, you should not torment yourself – all the same it will be difficult to trust this person to you.
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is important to find the expert with whom and you, and your dog will well feel and derive pleasure from occupations. It is not the only, but very important component of successful training.

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