• Jan 8, 2019

of Many owners of a small living space interests how to make it the most suitable for pets. Fortunately, it is not so difficult to create a cosiness for a favourite cat in the small apartment — these pets, unlike dogs, quite comfortably feel in the small territory. The main thing — to provide to the favourite the comfortable and safe territory for a dream and rest, games, physical exercises and satisfaction of basic requirements.

How to Create a Cosiness for a Favourite Cat in the Small Apartment

Available conveniences

It is known that cats are quite unpretentious animals. Nevertheless for their contents in the house there has to be the minimum set of conveniences which will allow small predators to satisfy the requirements. Among them:

Kogtetochka for a Cat

Tray for a Cat

  • Kogtetochk's . It is necessary not only for a cat, but also for protection of furniture and coverings against it. If in the small apartment there is no place for this necessary adaptation, it is possible to place it on the free site of a wall. It is possible to make such compact kogtetochka with own hands — to wind small wooden bar with a rigid rope of natural material enough and to fix on a wall. There is an option even more simply — to wind with the same rope a leg of a high chair or table.
  • of the Bowl for food and water . They anyway will not take a lot of place, but if there is not enough space all the same, it is possible to place ware under a table. Good option is also wall shelf at small height. It has to be rather wide in order that the animal could free is, without being afraid to spill out food or to spill water. Such decision not only saves the place, but also does the procedure of meal of more comfortable for the pet — so he will not be afraid for safety of "production".
  • Tray . For small apartments the popular decision is the tray which is built in a bedside table under a sink. It does not take the place and does not spoil an interior. In a door of a bedside table the small door that the cat could celebrate need at any convenient time is cut. When cleaning it is opened completely. But it is important to track that the tray was not near bowls of an animal or foodstuff.
  • Cat's lodge . This element is absolutely optional as cats with pleasure sleep on sofas, beds, chairs and regiments. If it does not suit the owner, then the lodge or a stove bench for the pet can be placed under a chair. Suspended wall hammocks for cats are good too if economy of space matters. The high shelf with which the animal can survey all room, feeling safe, is also a great option. Still the stove bench can be placed on a window sill — it will be pleasant to a cat, especially if the window is located near the battery.
  • of the Toy . Anything — balls, sticks, any shining and rustling objects can be a cat's toy. Pets well feel even on the small platform for games therefore the size of the apartment is not of particular importance for them. But the animals living in the limited territory need special attention from the owner — they need more than joint active games to have a good time and keep physical shape.

Toys for Cats

To make the small apartment cozy and comfortable for a cat — not a really difficult task. It is necessary to provide the pet with basic conveniences — they will not take a lot of place. The ordinary domestic cat does not need the large territory to feel happy.

Vertical surfaces

Cats Very Much Like to Climb and Jump

Cats very much like to climb and jump on chairs, tables, regiments, racks and other vertical surfaces — the higher, the better. They represent the main territory of an animal. At arrangement of the small apartment it can be used to create to the pet more space for physical activity, games and a privacy. Cats love when they have many vacation spots therefore in the small apartment it is undesirable to limit movements of the pet .

It is possible to hang up on a wall several shelves especially for an animal. Sometimes they are supplemented also with toys, short flights of stairs, tunnels and kogtetochka. Such "game complex" will not take away space from people and allows an animal to feel comfortable in the small apartment. But its production or purchase and installation take a lot of time and money therefore not all owners suit this option.

For owners of small apartments the good decision will leave several shelves or racks in a case empty that the pet could have a rest freely on them.

That the cat did not do much harm to other interior, fragile objects should be removed from high surfaces or to fix on them. Houseplants can be protected from a pet by means of mini-terrariums or usual partitions networks.

Safety and comfort of an animal

Many owners prefer to keep a cat in the small apartment and do not allow it to go outside because of safety issues. Traffic, dogs, unfair people, risk to catch parasites and other diseases from street animals and other factors for many are a sufficient reason to hold the pet of the house. But also in the apartment it needs to provide safe and comfortable conditions. for this purpose it is necessary to follow such rules:

To protect windows with lattices or grids,

  • to protect windows with lattices or grids that the pet accidentally did not drop out;
  • to acquaint a cat with other animals only under strict control of the owner;
  • not only to place in the apartment all necessary for the pet, but also to provide him free access to a tray, a kogtetochka and clear drinking water at any time;
  • to take care of that the pet always had a place where he can retire and have a rest, without worrying for the safety and where he can escape at a stressful situation, for example, during noisy repair or a visit of guests;
  • to limit places of storage of any drugs, building materials or any other dangerous things from a cat.

At due diligence and desire it is possible to make the small apartment very cozy and comfortable place for a favourite cat.

The animal will be healthy and happy, even living in the small territory if to provide it to all necessary and to devote a lot of time to active games with the pet.

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