• Aug 22, 2019

If you plan a training or just active long walk, a dog it is quite good to knead. As a rule, warm-up takes 5 – 15 minutes, but considerably improves chances of your dog to avoid injuries, to work more effectively and to derive pleasure from a training. How to knead a dog before a training?

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Warm-up of a dog before a training includes the following components:

  1. Work with joints. Bend and unbend joints of a dog, since fingers and finishing with shoulders and coxofemoral joints. There are enough five movements of each joint. It is important that amplitude was not too big – do not make excessive efforts.
  2. the Ducking of a dog to tips of her fingers. There are enough five repetitions. It is very important not to force a dog to last more, than she can.
  3. Turns of the head of a dog to shoulders and elbows and also to a coxofemoral joint (the dog tries to keep step a nose with delicacy). There are enough five repetitions. You do not press on a dog, forcing it to be bent more, than she is able.
  4. you Resemble with a dog or run about a trot at least five minutes.

To show to a dog what she has to do, best of all to use targeting by means of favourite delicacy of the pet (for example, cookies). And, when the head of a dog at an extension will fall into the necessary state, allow it to gnaw delicacy within 5 – 10 seconds.

Exists also special warm-up which allows to prepare a dog for a concrete type of a training.
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Remember that than the dog and the more cold on the street is more senior, the longer there has to be a warm-up. But anyway, warm-up should not tire a dog.

Also do not forget that the hitch is important not less, than warm-up – it allows an organism of a dog to return to the normal mode of functioning.

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