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Owners often ask how it is correct to praise a dog how to build chains of a reinforcement of a dog when training. For formation of skill very important correctly and in time to praise a dog. How to learn to praise correctly and in time a dog, using words, delicacy or a toy and a clicker?

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In what sequence it is necessary to praise a dog?

It is very important to remember the correct chain of a praise:

  1. In the beginning – a marker of the correct behavior . It is only a marker: not a praise, not a reinforcement, but only a signal for a dog which says that at present it does something correctly. It can be the word "Yes" or "Yes", and there can be a clicker signal.
  2. Praise .
  3. Delicacy .
That is the correct sequence looks so: " Click (or the Marker) – the Praise – Nyam ".

Why it is important to praise a dog in time?

A big mistake – at the same time to wear out a praise and to give to a dog delicacy.

The matter is that the praise is a conditional reinforcement. Initially the praise, that is the words "Well Done!", "Well!" mean nothing to a puppy, they are neutral. We "load" them with pleasant emotions, offering a dog a chain: "Well done! — a piece".

As a matter of fact, this classical obuslovlivaniye. Do you remember Pavlov's dog? The bulb which anticipated food lit up, and saliva was emitted for fire of a bulb at a dog. In fact, we do the same.

In 2 – 3 days of constant repetitions the puppy understands that "Well!", "Well done!", "Bravo!" or "Super!" — a harbinger of the fact that now there will be something tasty or very cheerful. And our puppy begins to love a praise.

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If you say a praise while feed a dog, she does not pay attention to a praise – she pays attention to food and does not remember that "Well!" and "Well done!" is something very pleasant.

If you praise a dog after she received a piece, then to her already in general to spit on your praise. She already received all the coolest, and yours "Well!" and "Well done!" any more at all nothing for it is designated.

Consistently the "given" praise looks in time so: A marker – the Praise verbal – the Unconditional reinforcement (what meets biological needs of a puppy: food, game, search, etc.). Thus we fill a verbal praise with something very pleasant.

And your choice is farther already, than you will support a dog. It is possible to remember Premak's principle : to receive something pleasant, for example, to play with other dogs, it is necessary to execute your command.

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