• Dec 16, 2020

of the Cat, as well as dog, are exposed in the winter to the increased risk. What problems cats and as it is correct can face to look after a cat in the winter?

Cat Striped on Photo Snow
of the Photo: pixabay.com

What risks trap cats in the winter?

  1. Respiratory diseases. Most often this sneezing and cold, meets bronchitis less often or pneumonia. These diseases meet at cats at dense contents more often (shelters, nurseries, exhibitions, overexposures, etc.) and after overcooling. Especially kittens and elderly cats risk.
  2. Overcooling.
  3. Frostbite ears and paws.
  4. Poisonings.
  5. As shortcoming, and surplus of calories.
  6. Shortage waters.

How to help cats in the winter?

  1. If you noticed signs of an indisposition, as soon as possible address the veterinarian and strictly implement its recommendations.
  2. To avoid overcoolings. If the cat goes outside, it is necessary to provide to her an opportunity to return at any time to the house.
  3. To vaccinate cats from respiratory diseases. Vaccination does not guarantee absence disease, but she helps to endure easier and quicker it if a cat nevertheless ached.
  4. If the cat comes back from the street in the winter, it is worth wiping wool and fingers.
  5. If the cat freely walks, it is necessary that at any time she could return home. Regularly check a door through which the cat comes back.
  6. To provide free access to food and water.
  7. To show the care with Christmas-tree decorations or at all to refuse dangerous (tinsel and etc.)
  8. To watch, that the cat had no access to antifreeze and household chemicals.
  9. In the house it is worth creating the warm place for a cat.

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