• Aug 6, 2019
of Sleek-haired dogs should not confuse with short-haired. The sleek-haired dog has (or has practically no) no underfur. She is gladenky, equal, "nothing sticks out". It is, for example, Hungarian left, a Dobermann terrier, a veymaraner, a basenji or a dachshund. How to look after a sleek-haired dog? the professional groomer Tells!

Can tell that these dogs — the easiest in daily leaving. However even among sleek-haired dogs different breeds have different structure of wool. And each specific dachshund, for example, will have the length of wool. It depends on conditions of keeping. Let's say the dog lives alone in the private house and another spends almost whole day on the street, and — the inhabitant of the apartment walking 20 minutes a day. Naturally, at the first dog the underfur will be more dense, and the second will be in general without underfur.
 a sleek-haired dog of a photo On a photo:
Also consider care of a sleek-haired dog that some sleek-haired dogs have needle structure of wool at which strands of wood strongly stick into your clothes, carpets and upholstered furniture. It is possible to tell that it is the only shortcoming of sleek-haired dogs.
In addition, occur among sleek-haired pets breeds — for example, a dalmatian — which fade all the year round. All this can complicate care of a canine friend several.
If a dog — just the pet, then the minimum leaving includes washing (approximately once a month) any moisturizing shampoo. After washing of the pet it is possible to dry up almost dry a big microfibre towel. Additional drying, most likely, will not be required to these dogs.
As far as possible wipe hair of a canine friend with a rubber brush, removing the dropped-out strands of wood.
 the Dog in the bathroom In addition should telling
about an exhibition grooming. Can seem strange, but sleek-haired breeds grumirutsya too. And grooming rather difficult: wool is presented minimum, but at the same time it is necessary to be able to show correctly a dog, to designate muscles, it is correct "to depict" contours. It is even more difficult, than to cut long wool.

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