• Aug 6, 2019
Ya is convinced that after sleek-haired dogs, wire-haired – the most convenient option in leaving. Schnauzers and a number of terriers (a wire-haired fox terrier, an airdale, a norvichteryer, etc.) treat them
 the Airdale - a wire-haired dog
One of wire-haired breeds — an airdale
These dogs do not fade, have no smell, trimming it is possible to carry out 1 time in 3 – 4 months and if the owner prefers shaving, it is carried out as required.
Can learn to trim a dog independently. When wool grew and you see that the dog begins "to postpone" on the house of a strand of wood, begin "to pinch" it slowly.
For trimming is required the special knife or a stone on appearance reminding pumice.
 for trimming of wire-haired dogs
Can remove wool gradually, in process of growth, or to wait until all wool ripens" and to remove everything "in a crowd".
Duration of the procedure can be different, hair of each dog has the qualities (at someone more rigid, at someone is less on volume, and someone has more an underfur). On average on trimming, for example, of a tsvergshnautser about 2 hours leave, and even minutes 30 the cosmetic hairstyle borrows.
If a wire-haired dog not to trim
, and to cut or shave, the structure of wool changes: it becomes softer, gets off in koltuna, loses water-repellent properties, not so well protects from bad weather, besides, the dog begins to fade. It is possible to restore rigid structure of wool, but it will take a lot of time (not one and not two trimming). Question: whether it is necessary for you if you consider that it is more convenient to shave a dog?
Some owners do not decide to trim dogs, being afraid that to them it is painful. However if wool "ripened", it departs freely. Yes, it not stroking, but the pet does not feel pain and can quite postpone this procedure without anesthesia. The canine friend does not feel strong discomfort.
If trimming is for some reason necessary urgently, and wool yet not absolutely easily departs, some pain is possible, however the dog is all the same capable to adapt to them.
, What is better: each owner independently decides to cut or trim. If you want to have the true representative of breed that wool correctly "worked" that the pet did not fade and did not smell, then, certainly, trimming is necessary. If it is more convenient to you to cut and you are ready to reconcile to the fact that wool will become soft – can cut or shave. To the dog, by and large, all the same.
of Wire-haired dogs is not recommended to be washed often as from frequent washing wool becomes softer.
If you have
just a pet and it has rigid wool, for washing you need only uvlazhnayayushchy shampoo and the conditioner or "2 in 1".
If you look after "the exhibition fighter", I would recommend to wash it once a month with the moisturizing shampoo as wool should be fed and stimulated its growth (dry rigid wool breaks off), and before the exhibition – not to wash, but to use exhibition cosmetics.
If rigid wool is tonsured, then it is more important not to wash, and to comb (it is possible with use of balm or special spray against koltun) as without regular combing your pet will become covered by an armor from koltun. It is possible to wash in this case once a month, and it is possible – 1 time in 3 – 4 months, it not so essentially.

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