• May 20, 2019

Keeping of any pet means a certain responsibility therefore for creation the pet of comfortable conditions should allocate a lump sum from the family budget. But there are ways allowing to save on keeping of a cat. Top-10 councils and recommendations from skilled aelurophiles will help the beginning owners to learn to optimize monetary expenses and not to do much harm to health of a favourite fluffy.

How to Save on Keeping of a Cat

Before acquisition of a kitten future owner should think and be defined well whether it will be able normally to support him. It is necessary to notice that care of thoroughbred animals is much more more expensive, than behind usual "tails".

The most reasonable methods of economy:

How Economically to Buy Cat Food

Lodge for Cats the Hands

Care of Pets

Filler for a Tray of a Cat

  1. Food . Cats like to eat, but for health and longevity of the pet it is necessary to buy only qualitative forages. It is better to buy in a large number, often in pet-shops there are systems of discounts and bonuses to regular wholesale customers.
  2. Filler is recommended to be bought big packings, they cost much cheaper than small. Still it is possible to try to teach a pussycat to celebrate need on a toilet bowl. For this purpose the tray is gradually raised over floor level, then rearrange a tray on a toilet bowl, and in a week he is moved away in general.
  3. Toys and lodges do not need to be bought, it is better to make them with own hands, to the pet neither beauty, nor a brand, the main thing that it was cheerful or cozy are important. The ball or an empty plastic bottle will become a good toy, and instead of a lodge the cat can build a convenient hammock.
  4. Medical care . Inspection needs to be undergone only in the state veterinary clinics. In this case it is necessary to be spent only for medicines and consumables.
  5. Sterilization. Cats and cats quite violently show sexual hunting therefore it is necessary to castrate or sterilize the pet at once then not to be spent for injections and the calming mixtures.
  6. Timely vaccination not only will help to protect a cat from different diseases. Insurance companies or controllers in public transport demand to provide documents on its carrying out. It is possible to receive rather big penalty for not imparted animal.
  7. of the Action . Shops often carry out actions and sales on which it is possible to buy goods with a good discount. And also it is recommended to start discount cards and to use them upon purchase in pet-shops and vetapteka.
  8. Internet orders . In online stores it is also possible to order goods on the stock or to receive a good discount at wholesale orders.
  9. Microchipping — one of the last developments for protection of pets. It is a guarantee that the cat will not run away and it will not be necessary to pay remuneration found the lost favourite.
  10. Insurance . Quite often pets, especially thoroughbred, suffer from the chronic pedigree diseases demanding continuous treatment and considerable monetary expenditure. Besides, to an animal there can be an accident. Therefore it is recommended to insure a cat that will help to save money significantly.

Main what it is impossible to save on, is a love and care. If the cat is healthy and treated kindly, he needs neither expensive toys, nor other smart inventions.

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