• Jan 27, 2019

Immunity — ability of an organism to resist to harmful viruses and bacteria. During a cold time the organism of all living beings needs the additional help therefore each careful owner has to support immunity of a cat in winter time. It is important to look after the pet's organism in a complex.

How to Support Immunity of a Cat in Winter Time

Enemies of immunity

Activity of the immune system depends on much.

But significantly the following factors complicate its work:

Sharp Temperature Changes

  • Bad ecology.
  • Sharp temperature changes.
  • Various diseases.
  • Stress.
  • Improper feeding.
  • Passivity.

Under the influence of these factors the cat's organism becomes more susceptible to the attacks of various microbes and harmful bacteria. For this reason important attentively to watch of a pet over health.

Of course, it is impossible with the absolute probability to save the cat from diseases, but to reduce infection probability quite perhaps.

Importance of vaccination

The imparted cat gains active immunity against various infectious diseases. When the kitten reaches three-months age, he can be vaccinated, it will help to avoid many infections, such as:

The imparted cat

  • Cat's distemper.
  • Kalitsiviroz.
  • Rage.
  • Viral leukosis.
  • Rhinotracheitis.
  • Clamidiosis.

Before vaccination it is important to consult with the veterinarian. It is important to remember that a sick animal it is impossible to impart, for inoculations it is necessary to use only quality vaccines.

Various fleas, worms, pincers, louses, vlasoyeda not only bring to a cat huge discomfort, but also reduce the organism resilience of an animal to various harmful microorganisms. It is necessary to process systematically the favourite various anthelminthic and insektoakaritsidny means.

Hygienic procedures and food

Not each owner watches hygiene of the pet as it is necessary. The speech goes not only about timely change of a cat's tray here. The animal should clean ears and eyes, to watch dental health. It is important to remember that various allocations — the environment for reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms is excellent . Of course, it is necessary to wash daily cat's pans, to periodically erase a stove bench.

Cleaning of Ears to a Cat

The balanced food is very important for normal activity of an organism of a cat. As well as human, the organism of an animal needs daily receiving vitamins and mineral substances, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. All this is necessary in order that the cat was healthy and vigorous. When feeding a four-footed fluffy it is important to consider his age, weight and other specific features. It is important not to go into extremes — the animal should not neither starve, nor overeat.

Those who made the decision to feed the pet with dry feeds should stop the choice on sterns a premium and a superpremium class. These forages quite expensive, but contain in them all necessary minerals.

Feed a Cat with Natural Food

Owners who prefer to feed a cat with natural food have to consider that the best basis of a diet will become proteins . They contain in meat and an offal, fish, eggs and dairy products. You should not forget about carbohydrates and cellulose. They can be found in grain, crude vegetables and greens. And also it is necessary to include vitamins and mineral additives in a diet. Making the menu for a cat, it is the best of all to ask the help for the qualified veterinarian.

Physical activity — guarantee of health . Active games and any physical activity intensifies blood formation processes, and it, in turn, leads to renewal of cells of blood. If the cat is passive, it will lead her to obesity, muscles of an animal will weaken. It will negatively affect the respiratory and cardiovascular systems of an animal. To provide cat's activity, it is regularly necessary to find time for a game and walks with the favourite.

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