• Mar 8, 2020

All owners want to teach dogs to the correct behavior, at the same time some want to make it as it is possible more humanely. Also there is a way to teach a dog to behave correctly, allowing it to do that she wants. In what way?

 Highland Whyte the terrier plays with a ball on a photo lawn

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Here Premak's principle will come to the rescue. According to this principle, about abacus reward for action which she very much does not want to carry out, allowing to make what she very much wants . This idle time, but at the same time the powerful tool perfectly works in training of dogs.

Sounds it is banal, but this principle is valuable the fact that process of education and training of a dog is left by the conflict.

For example, your dog awfully wants to play with that nice doggie, but you at the same time want that it concentrated attention to you. However forcing a dog not to look at potential friends, you do not reduce their appeal – rather, on the contrary. But if you ask a dog to look only a second at you, and then allow to play with a doggie, you award a dog for the correct action with what is important for it at this moment, and will avoid the conflict.

As a result the dog understands that your requests open for her a door to execution of her own desires . And even in the most distracting situation the dog will be able to concentrate attention to you .

 the dog turns away from a photo ball

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One more moment is important: the less bans in life of a dog, the it is less temptation them to break . The more you will allow a dog to do that she wants, the less she will want it.

However consider that this principle is used only during training of a dog.

Cannot be subordinated to
all her life of concentration of attention to you. The pet has to have an opportunity sometimes to receive what is pleasant to him absolutely free of charge.

Otherwise life of a dog, turning into a continuous training, will lead to development of a chronic stress.

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