• Mar 8, 2020
For certain each owner wants

that the dog followed it, did not pull a lead , it was not lost on walks without lead, approached on the first call and was not distracted by more interesting objects when to it likes. But how to reach it? For example, how to teach a puppy to follow itself?

 the Red puppy follows the owner of a photo

Photo: pxhere.com

Good news – it is easy to reach it, and to teach a dog to follow itself it is possible in a game.

the Game which will teach a puppy to follow you

A game in which you teach a puppy to follow yourself very simple and looks as follows.

Release a puppy on the earth, treat with delicacy, and then beckon for yourself, having shown one more tasty piece. And, moving away from the kid, again beckon him delicacy.

It seems, everything is extremely simple, however there are rules which should be observed.

  1. Exercise has to look not as an army mushtra, namely as a game. Many you praise a puppy , but do not abuse at all.
  2. Constantly change the speed and the direction movements that the puppy did not miss and did not lose concentration of attention to you. For example, suddenly begin to run or sharply you brake, turn aside or be developed and run in an opposite direction.
  3. In the beginning delicacy is given to almost continuously , then more and more seldom.
  4. For the first games choose absolutely safe place with the minimum quantity of irritants, then of a condition gradually become complicated .
  5. Delicacy has to be very much, very much attractive for a puppy.
  6. Not only the dog has to concentrate attention to you, but also you have to be concentrated on a dog . Do not forget that the dog looks there where also you and if you constantly look around, you should not wait for concentration from the pet.
  7. Do not tighten a game . It is important that it stopped before the puppy is tired or will start missing. It is better if the kid demands "continuation of a banquet" – then next time he will apprehend your offers with even big enthusiasm.
 the Girl and a puppy of a golden retriever in a photo garden

Photo: pxhere.com

Certainly, a puppy studies easier and quicker, than an adult dog, however if you deal with the adult pet, you should not despair.

This game is suitable for any dog, she will help to strengthen contact and mutual understanding between you and will teach a canine friend to follow about you where you went.

 the Golden retriever runs for the hostess of a photo

Photo : pxhere.com

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