• Dec 4, 2018

in the conditions of the wild nature patrimonial process at animals usually takes place signs of the beginning of childbirth easily and does not demand foreign intervention, but the successful birth of posterity of pets often requires the help of the owner or even the experienced expert. In this regard each owner of the pet expecting replenishment has to know how to deliver a cat.

How to Help a Cat to Give Rise

Signs of the beginning of childbirth

The average duration of pregnancy at cats — from 60 to 65 days. If date of pairing is unknown, can be learned about fast appearance of kittens on the following signs:

Signs of Fast Childbirth

  • the female becomes aggressive, eats a little and reluctantly moves;
  • in two days prior to childbirth the size of mammary glands of an animal increases, from them colostrum can be emitted;
  • the cat begins to equip the dwelling, pulling down soft things in a secluded corner;
  • before a rodorazresheniye the alumna becomes uneasy, hides from the owner or, on the contrary, makes up to it;
  • the cat's nose becomes hot and dry, and body temperature goes down to 37 degrees;
  • the cat diligently licks skin in genitals and a stomach, it is also possible to notice reduction of muscles of a uterus;
  • in 4 — 6 hours prior to childbirth at a cat the back is unnaturally curved.

Primipara animals can not understand what happens to them. If the cat tries to be closer to the owner, she needs to be stroked and calmed. Some females do not admit to themselves the person. In this case it is necessary to watch a condition of the alumna from far away.

The owner can not notice otkhozhdeniye of a patrimonial stopper and waters as they often mix up with excrements. If after all it was succeeded to see a mucous pink clot volume about a teaspoon or waters of a red-gray shade, it is worth expecting the beginning of childbirth within a day.

Preparation for appearance of kittens

How to Be Prepared for a Genus of Cats

At least one week prior to the expected replenishment it is necessary to bring a box with the removed or open top to the house. Inside it is necessary to lay a soft rag or a disposable diaper, and under it to enclose a rubber or pith rug. If a box high, sideways too there has to be an opening that it was easier for the weakened cat to get inside.

If the alumna began to equip a nest in other place, it is possible to rearrange the cardboard dwelling there. It is necessary to take care that there it was not too cold or hot. If the animal refuses flatly to move into in the prepared den, it is necessary to offer to release, for example, to it other option a box of a linen case. Otherwise the female can give rise in the bathroom or a bed and in attempt to move it will drag kittens back from there.

It is necessary to prepare in advance all tools and materials correctly to deliver a cat:

How to help a cat to give rise

  • 3 pairs of sterile gloves;
  • the disposable absorbing diapers;
  • the clean and ironed pieces of cotton fabric;
  • the big syringe without needle or the children's syringe for clarification of the nasal courses and a mouth of kittens from slime;
  • thick threads for an umbilical cord perevyazyvaniye;
  • the sharp scissors processed by disinfectant;
  • Q-tips;
  • vaseline oil;
  • pipette;
  • a bowl for water;
  • brilliant green for cauterization of a cut of an umbilical cord.

Also it is worth getting the 2 and 5 ml disposable syringes and medicines capable to help at emergence of complications. belong To such medicines:

  1. Travmatin. Kills pain and interferes with spread of an infection.
  2. Gamavit. It is capable to provoke patrimonial activity, supports an animal organism in a tone.
  3. Mastomerin. Struggles with mastitis and other postnatal complications.
  4. Oxytocin. Resumes fights in case of their abatement.

of the Stage of patrimonial process

Usually childbirth at cats continues within 5 — 10 hours, but sometimes drags on for day and more, especially at primipara females. The interval between appearance of kittens can make as several minutes, and several hours. the Birth of cubs occurs during several stages:

As It Is Correct to Deliver a Cat

  1. At a cat fights begin, she can shout from pain and breathe through a mouth. Sometimes on genitals poor bloody allocations are noticeable. If to look at a stomach of the alumna, it is possible to notice how it moves. Duration of the first stage — till 36 o'clock.
  2. When fights amplify, the female lays down sideways or a back, deeply breathes and strains, pushing out cubs from a vagina. This process lasts 5 — 30 minutes. The kitten leaves in a fetal bag which soon bursts. At this time it is impossible to depart from an animal, the help can be required by him.
  3. In the last turn the uterus leaves a placenta. It is necessary to watch that the quantity of afterbirths was equal to number of kittens.

Possible problems

Childbirth can not always smoothly take place. it is possible to cope With a number of deviations by own efforts:

Fights at a Cat

Signs of Ambulances It Is at Cats

  1. The fruit got stuck in patrimonial ways. It can happen at its wrong prelying or the large sizes. Not to allow a kitten to choke, it is necessary to put on gloves, to grease fingers with vaseline and to pull out a cub, holding it for a nape.
  2. The fetal bubble did not tear. If a cat inexperienced, her owner has to break off independently bubble walls about a nose of a kitten.
  3. The female has not a bite an umbilical cord. If it did not happen in 20 minutes after appearance of the kid on light, it is necessary to tie up an umbilical cord pure thread at distance about 5 cm from a body of the kid and to cut it near the drawn area from a stomach. If the cat does not lick a wound, the cut should be processed brilliant green.
  4. Breath of the kid is broken. If amniotic waters got into airways of a cub, he can not give signs of life or his language will begin to become blue. In such situation of a kitten it is necessary to take within several seconds headfirst and to shake accurately.
  5. The cat does not pay attention to newborns. If after cutting of an umbilical cord the female still does not react to kittens, they need to be rubbed off pure fabric and by means of the syringe or the syringe to exempt a mouth and a nose from slime. After that cubs should be brought to nipples of a cat.
  6. There is no afterbirth. The placenta which remained in patrimonial ways it is possible in an hour after the birth of kittens accurately to pull out the hand which is wrapped up by sterile bandage. Повинуясь to an instinct, the cat eats an afterbirth, but you should not allow her to swallow more than two pieces, otherwise there can be a disorder of digestion.

After childbirth came to the end, the laying needs to be changed for clean. It is important to track that all kittens actively sucked maternal milk. If the cat avoids cubs, it is necessary to buy special dairy mix and the device for feeding in veterinary drugstore to bring up newborns by own efforts.

In certain cases it is necessary to call urgently the veterinarian or to carry a cat on reception to it if it allows to make her fortune:

How to Understand that a Cat Soon to Give Rise

  • pregnancy lasts more than 70 days;
  • after 24 hours of periodic fights kittens are not born;
  • the cat more than an hour suffers from strong reductions of a uterus, but patrimonial process does not begin;
  • it was not succeeded to get the kitten who got stuck in patrimonial ways;
  • the animal had plentiful allocations with pus and blood;
  • the cat lies without the movement;
  • body temperature of the alumna is lower than 37 or above 39.5 °C.

Emergence of posterity — natural process. But presence of the owner will allow to notice in due time possible deviations and to help an animal therefore it is important to know how it is correct to deliver a cat.

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