• Sep 20, 2019
Inspection of a guinea pig needs to carry out by

time to half a year in the preventive purposes. But, if you noticed changes in behavior of the pet, it is necessary to address the veterinarian at once. In this article we will consider what analyses and how do at survey? How can you will be prepared also what to make? What procedures it is better to entrust the veterinarian?

 inspection of a guinea pig

How to take the analysis of urine of a guinea pig

Urine can be received if to put a guinea pig on a laying where the plastic package lies (crumpled). Usually 1 hour is enough to gain amount of urine which is enough for the analysis.

As carry out the analysis a calla of a guinea pig

Is a research most often it is necessary only in that case when you get a new guinea pig or when at you there lives the big group of small animals whose players are often changed. If you have one favourite, the analysis a calla becomes extremely seldom.
Kal needs to be collected after morning feeding of the pet. Before it a cage it is necessary to wash up and get a laying. To bring together Kcal by tweezers and to put in net plastic capacity.

The analysis the calla is carried out by two methods.

1. By means of an enrichment method with use of saturated solution of table salt (specific weight – 1.2). 2 grams of a dung are properly stirred in a glass (100 ml) with a small amount of solution of table salt (saturated). Then the glass is filled with solution of table salt, and contents are stirred to a uniform state. In 5 minutes on the surface of solution integumentary glass on which will settle the emerging eggs of parasites accurately gives all the best. In 1 hour integumentary glass gets and investigated by means of a microscope (10 – 40-fold increase).

2. A parasitological research about use of a method of sedimentation. 5 grams of a dung stir in a glass of water (100 ml) before formation of uniform suspension which then is filtered through a sieve. Add several drops of washing liquid which then settles within 1 hour to a filtrate. The top layer of liquid is cast, and the glass is filled with water and washing liquid again. 1 more hour later water merges again, and the deposit carefully mixes up by means of a glass stick. Then several drops of a deposit are located on subject glass, are painted by a drop of solution methylene blue (1%). The turned-out result is investigated under 10-fold increase in a microscope without integumentary glass. Methylene blue will paint plants and dirt in blue-black color scale, and eggs of parasites – in yellowy-brown color.

As take blood test of a guinea pig

This procedure should be carried out only at the expert! The pad of a guinea pig is drawn over an elbow a plait, and then extend an extremity of a small animal forward. If it is necessary, wool over a vein is cut off. The area of a prick is disinfected the tampon moistened in alcohol and then the needle (number 16) is carefully entered.

If is required only 1 drop of blood, then it is taken directly from skin, having just pierced a vein.

Inspection of skin of a guinea pig

Sometimes guinea pigs suffer from pincers. To learn, whether so it, it is possible, having made skin scrape. The edge of a scalpel scratches out the small site of skin before emergence of droplets of blood. Then particles of skin are put on subject glass, add 10% solution of caustic potassium and 2 hours later study under a microscope (10-fold increase).

One more widespread skin problem – fungal diseases. Exact diagnostics is possible in mycologic laboratory. It is possible to buy the test, however it does not provide sufficient degree of reliability.

the Anaesthesia for a guinea pig

the Anaesthesia can be injection (drug is injected intramuscularly) or inhalation (the gauze bandage is used). However in the second case it is necessary to watch that the gauze did not touch a nose as solution can injure a mucous membrane.
Before application of an anesthesia cannot give to a guinea pig food within 12 hours. If you use hay as a laying, it cleans up too.
Some days before an anesthesia begin to give to a guinea pig the vitamin C (1 – 2 mg/ml) divorced in water.
When a guinea pig wakens from an anesthesia, she is sensitive to decrease in temperature. Therefore the small animal is put on a hot-water bottle or placed under an infrared lamp. Important before full awakening to maintain body temperature at the level of 39 degrees.

How to give medicine to a guinea pig

Sometimes is quite difficult to give to a guinea pig medicine.
you can use
the special pallet who is horizontally entered into a mouth behind cutters that it came to light on the other hand, and then to turn it by 90 degrees. The small animal itself will squeeze it teeth.
In the pallet becomes in advance an opening through which with use of the probe enter medicine.
is important to enter medicine carefully and slowly, otherwise the guinea pig can choke.

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