• Sep 17, 2019

Horses were cultivated several millennia ago, however the behavior of modern domestic horses differs from behavior of wild ancestors a little. Including concerning use given them in use space. How to understand, whether well horses on a pasture?

Horses on a Photo Pasture

On a photo: horses on a pasture. Photo: pixabay.com

Why horses need a pasture?

Horses equally use both small Levada, and a big pasture. In one corner they roll, adapt another for a toilet, and in the third look for the shelter from bad weather. Sometimes they choose favourite places for rippling. But it is the most natural to a horse to walk on a pasture, using a possibility of a free pasture. Such conditions provide the most effective functioning of a GIT and minimize problems with health and behavior.

Besides, on a pasture the horse can eat so much how many it is necessary the nature – till 16 o'clock in day. Only free access to hay can be an alternative. However hay will not be compared to a grass in many parameters.

Unfortunately, own pasture – a pipe dream for most of owners of horses. And a problem with existence of a pasture – one of the most widespread. If you are a happy owner of own pasture, you can estimate, it is how good on it your horse.

Black Horse on a Photo Pasture

On a photo: a horse on a pasture. Photo: wikimedia.org

How to define, whether well horses on a pasture?

The good pasture has the following signs:

  • Grass rather nutritious.
  • Pasture well-groomed.
  • the Pasture has the sufficient size according to quantity of horses.
  • the Pasture for horses is fenced.
  • Existence of shelters from heat and bad weather (natural, for example, trees, or a shelter).
  • the Pasture can be divided into several sites.
  • there Is a system of rotation and measures for avoidance of a helminthic invasion are carried out.

And all these parameters individually according to needs a specific horse are estimated. For example, there are horses to whom too plentiful pasture is contraindicated. And the little pony will easily dive under poles of a protection which will stop a horse of the normal sizes. And the whole day on more poor pasture where she should roam in search of enough a forage is better to allow any horse to be grazed, than at several o'clock to release on a magnificent meadow with a juicy grass.

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