• Feb 13, 2019

on the street of a hedgehog, people admire his look and have desire to get this small animal at home. Whether this animal is capable to live in house conditions, but be not free and as to look after him – here that needs to be known before making this decision.

Keeping of a Hedgehog in House Conditions

That it is necessary to know about a hedgehog

Hedgehogs are beautiful animals who live worldwide. Their size is not big and varies from 15 to 45 centimeters. The weight of hedgehogs is no more than 1.5 kilograms, and all their body is covered in tens of thousands of prickles which help them to be protected from external influences. Hedgehogs lead a nocturnalism – it is caused by the fact that hedgehogs do not love a heat and at night they more developed hearing, sense of smell and sight.

Hedgehogs make very loud sounds when move – to it it is necessary to be ready when there is desire to bring this small animal to itself to the house. In the world there is a set of breeds of hedgehogs, and only some of them are suitable for house contents:

  • Dwarfish African hedgehog.
  • Hedgehog big-eared
  • Domestic hedgehog

Other breeds of hedgehogs are adapted only for dwelling in the wild nature and are not suitable for life in house conditions.

Where to buy a hedgehog

The bad idea will be to pick up a hedgehog from the street. These animals adapted for independent life, noticing the person, are turned in a ball and release needles. Respectively, the same will happen to a hedgehog of the house. Besides hedgehogs are little hunters and houses to them there will be no place to look for production. You should not forget also that all street animals are carriers of various diseases, and a hedgehog in this question – not an exception.

Keeping of a Hedgehog in House Conditions

Therefore before buying a hedgehog from hands or in the market, it is necessary to think – whether this hedgehog was found on the street. In that case to buy a hedgehog in pet-shop or from hands – a great option. Now there are breeders of hedgehogs. The animal who was born in house conditions where his parents grew near the person will be more adapted for life in bondage near the person. The price of a hedgehog varies from two to 10 thousand rubles, depending on his breed, a family tree and other factors.

How to look after a hedgehog of the house

It is known that hedgehogs live in the wild nature not long – about 5 years, but if to look after him in house conditions, then he can pass this line and live twice more, than his forest fellows. You should not forget that regime of the hedgehog living in house conditions differs in nothing from a street hedgehog. He will also lead a nocturnalism, loudly moving on the apartment.

If the decision to get a hedgehog was made, it is necessary to get everything for comfort of your small animal:

  • Cage
  • Reserve of hay or sawdust
  • Bowl
  • Forage

All know that the hedgehogs eating apples and mushrooms – only the myth cast by children's animated films. In usual life hedgehogs eat various insects, worms, larvae. In house conditions this diet can be replaced with chicken forcemeat, a liver, crude eggs, vegetables and fruit. You should not overfeed a hedgehog – he moves also a problem of obesity it will be difficult to solve a little therefore it has to eat twice a day.

Keeping of a Hedgehog in House Conditions

Water in a bowl has to be always freshen. Also, you should not establish a toilet near bowls as the hedgehog will not understand that this place for a need spravleniye. It is possible to accustom to a toilet only a young hedgehog. The adult hedgehog or the animal who is picked up on the street is not able to be accustomed to go to a toilet to a certain place. You should not forget and about hygiene of a hedgehog – it is necessary to bathe him whenever possible approximately once a month.

For this purpose it is necessary to buy in drugstore for animals the shampoo bringing fleas and insects – he more makes thrifty use of skin of animals and does not overdry it. It is necessary to remember that in the winter hedgehogs fall into hibernation and the pet needs to be prepared for it. Since the end the fall needs to be given to a hedgehog more nutritious food that the stock of fatty deposits was enough for all winter and also to prepare the place where your pet will spend cold season.

of Relationship with other pets

If at the house besides a hedgehog there are other animals, it is necessary to be very careful. You should not place a hedgehog in a joint cage with hamsters, guinea pigs, etc. at all. You should not forget that by the nature a hedgehog – a predatory animal. It is unlikely he will make friends with the cat or a dog living with it in one house. These animals absolutely different and a way of life at them too different.

Most important – should not forget that the yozh, as well as to any other pet needs attention and care. The hedgehog remembers the owners and well makes contact with them.

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