• Mar 24, 2019

of Rodina of this little domestic leopard are the USA where during many generations crossed a domestic cat to the wild, called Asian leopard to receive a terrible predator which it is possible to hold houses. The turned-out animal is also the Bengalese cat. 7 golden rules of keeping of this animal will help to make his life long and happy.

About Keeping of the Bengalese Cats

Main rules

How to Look After the Bengalese Cats

The Bengalese cats do not demand expensive and labor-consuming leaving. Moreover, they very much like to take this business in hand (or pads and language). It means neither more, nor it is less that these animals very often wash themselves, as if knowing that their fur is considered both very beautiful, and very rare. Therefore they relatively willingly give themselves to clean, but attention! Despite permission from pets who from it feel inexpressible joy it is not necessary to do it too often because it is possible to damage their exotic wool.

Besides, fur needs eventually bigger leaving from the party of the person — the cat is not able to cope for hundred percent with the molt and other events connected with wool and arising at each cat.

veterinarians consider the Best food for Bengalese an optimum combination:

  • Cheese proteins.
  • Zhirov.
  • Mineralov.
  • Celluloses.

Rules of Care of the Bengalese Cats

Veterinarians recommend to use special emulsions for cleaning of ears animals of this breed.

Not everyone decides to release the pets on a nature bosom only because the Bengalese cats become frequent production of thieves.

Bengalese are half-civilized and "remember" well what pleasure is brought by fishing, mice, birds or lizards. If it is decided to let out the favourite in the wild nature, it is necessary to remember regular inspections — approximately every two months at the veterinarian.

Care of claws

Care of Claws of the Bengalese Cat

Because the Bengalese cats spend the most part of the time at home (animals are very attached to the person and always try to be where it is), it is worth thinking of a kogtetochka.

These pets often do not pay attention to the objects bought by people intended especially for sharpening of claws (and, of course, for protection of furniture). Bengalese extremely willingly use such inventions.

needs Also to be remembered regular cutting of their claws. Producers of tools pay attention that for this operation it is the best of all to accustom favourites in the very first weeks of life, otherwise the wild nature of this cat can prevail. The Bengalese cats are very sensitive to such operations.

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