• Dec 19, 2018

with the correct functioning of bodies of a gastrointestinal tract. To define whether everything is good with the pet, it is possible how he celebrates need. Toilet frequency more depends on age, a diet and work of a gastrointestinal tract. It is simple to solve the problems arising with a chair at animals, main, in due time to define them, and for this purpose it is necessary to know when kittens begin to crap and how many once a day they have to do it.

When Kittens Begin to Crap

To monthly age

A part of people is sure that up to 30 days of life the cat did not learn to celebrate natural needs yet. However this opinion is wrong: pisat and kittens crap from the moment of birth , just to certain age with it they are helped by mother a cat.

During licking massage of area of a stomach, stimulation of blood circulation in a gastrointestinal tract is done a cat of cubs at the same time. As a result the kitten quietly celebrates the natural needs. The Kcal of animals of this age group has the uniform building and is similar to condensed milk on the consistence.

How Often Kittens Crap

Sometimes there is a situation that the mother for some reason does not help the kittens, in a stomach of the kid accumulation a calla and intestinal gases results that causes swelling and pain. In that case the owner has to help the animals independently.

for this purpose:

  • To make careful massage by commission of circular motions clockwise in a stomach.
  • To take a clean gauze or a small piece of fabric, to moisten in warm water and to make massage of an anus.

If feeding of kittens is carried out by the person, then it is necessary to remember: food in liquid or semi-fluid state is suitable for animals at this age. The most acceptable option — to take special mix in veterinary drugstore.

Behaviour of animal 1−3 months

Schooling of kids to sterns which are eaten by adult animals begins with age in 30 days. In the same time visit of a tray at them becomes the independent procedure, kittens cease to need the help of a cat. At this stage schooling to a tray will be a priority of the owner.

To notice that the pet begins search of the place for circulation in a toilet it is possible not always. To do not miss such important event, it is worth paying attention to behavior of an animal. Usually it:

  • begins to sniff at everything around himself;
  • scrapes pads a floor.

At identification of the above described signs the owner is recommended to replace a kitten in a tray. The majority of animals are accustomed to the right place practically at once.

How to Accustom Kittens to a Tray

At this vital stage the kitten celebrates big need of 3−6 times a day. Often process takes place imperceptibly for the owner, and therefore to carry out more exact calculation not easy. To understand that the kid is completely healthy, it is possible, having observed his activity and having felt a tummy: it has to be soft.

Kittens at monthly age possess a kashitseobrazny stake in which there should not be an undigested food, mucous or bloody allocations. Also weight should not be very dense or liquid.

the Toilet at the age of 90 days

Kal at Newborn Kittens

By this moment the animal has to completely begin to eat sterns which are eaten by adult cats. Respectively, waste of activity becomes more dense and firm, ceases to be uniform.

How many times the kitten at this age will go to a toilet more, depends on food. The surplus of vegetable food in a diet leads to more frequentation of a tray. If the animal eats meat, fish and dairy products, then will run in a toilet four-footed slightly more rare.

The optimum number of acts of defecation — from 2 to 4. If the pet goes to a toilet of 1 times a day, it is also normal. It is worth worrying if the kitten does not crap several days in a row.

the Independent help to an animal will consist in the following manipulations :

  • massage of a stomach;
  • use of a microenema;
  • addition in a forage of a small amount of vegetable oil of origin.

Care of Kittens

If the measures taken by the owner are unsuccessful, then it is necessary to see the veterinarian for the help. Stressful situations can be the cause of bad work of a gastrointestinal tract. For example, the kittens separated from mother can experience difficulties with an opravleniye of natural needs for 5 days. After there passes some time, the animal will get used to new conditions in which it appeared, all problems will be resolved by itself.

The kitten depending on that how many he uses liquids will go to a toilet a bit. Little quadrupeds pisat more often , than adults because the bladder size at them not such and big. The owner is recommended to watch what quality at it of urine, what color, and whether the animal has problems when it goes to a toilet. Such care will help to help in time a kitten if he begins to need it.

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