• Sep 17, 2019
to understand a horse, you have to look for a start on the world around at it with eyes. And then you will see that all actions of a horse are dictated by the aspiration to survive in the dangerous world. And understanding of psychology of a horse will help to solve also problems, in particular, to get rid of konyushenny defects.
 Prikusk at a horse of a photo
On a photo: Prikusk — one of the extended "konyushenny defects"

What is important for a horse?

is more important For a horse only 4 things (in decreasing order):
  1. Safety.
  2. Comfort.
  3. Food.
  4. Games.
First of all, horses as to an animal victim, it is necessary to be convinced that it of safety. Then it is possible to think also of comfort. And if it is safe and comfortable, it is possible to eat and play with tribespeople.
All this
concerns both wild horses, and house. In each domestic horse there lives her wild ancestor: during domestication the psychology of a horse did not undergo significant changes. Evolution worked on a horse millions of years, and the person cannot change the program put by the nature so far.
If you understand it, then will not be surprised that it is not possible to entice the horse who is not accustomed to konevoza into the rattling narrow box with the help of carrot. Because as it is possible to eat if there is a threat for life?
to you will not be possible to force a horse to be smitten with love for you. But you can convince her that with you is safe and comfortable, so, you are worth it to be considered as the friend. If the horse is afraid of you – means, you for her the predator, and each your action is perceived as threat and causes resistance. And if the horse lives in fear, she is afraid not of pain – she seriously is afraid for the life.

 Horses in photo herd
On a photo: Horses who walk in the company of relatives seldom suffer from "konyushenny defects"

From where "konyushenny defects" undertake?

So, are important for a horse safety and comfort. And if the person cannot satisfy these requirements, the horse itself will do everything possible to return to a comfortable state. Even if sometimes actions of the long-maned friend seem to us strange and illogical, remember – the horse does the best of possible.

U us with horses absolutely different ideas of fine. And the fact that it seems to us excellent, for a horse – frighteningly and inconveniently is frequent.

Many are convinced by
that the ideal horse is the cleaned creation to gloss standing in the stable and isolated from relatives. Horses love open spaces, but not stalls, adore being badmouthed and feel more quietly in the company of tribespeople.

For horses the main thing – to be in safety, comfort and to have some other horses. But people often offer opposite – certainly, for the best.
as a result at horses develop so-called " konyushenny defects ": prikuska, bear rolling, swing by the head, flop lips, digging or aggression. They are symptoms of emotional, psychological and physical trouble.

Main reason of konyushenny defects: psychological discomfort from a lack of communication and restriction of freedom of a horse. Surprisingly, but instead of providing to a horse normal conditions for life, people often prefer to use punishments which, certainly, do not solve a problem or generate in exchange a number of new. One more widespread way of fight against konyushenny defects – any devices like antiprikusochny collars or a short leash which can remove a symptom, but do not remove the reason, so, lead to other problems even if those seem not connected with initial at all.

As a rule, konyushenny defects are a monotonous repetition of the same movements. Thus the horse tries to stimulate production of endorphins which provide sedative and soothing effect and allow unfortunate creation though for a while to distract of sad everyday life.

 Horses last to each other a photo
On a photo: Communication with relatives is vital for a horse

How to help a horse to get rid of konyushenny defects?

First of all, to provide to a horse normal conditions of keeping:
  1. to Provide to a horse it is as much as possible space.
  2. to Provide communication with other horses (at least an opportunity to see them and to exchange words).
  3. to Provide various incentives, to enrich Wednesday.
  4. to Pay attention not only to appearance, but also to psychological wellbeing of a horse.
of horses is that they are ready to suffer long time discomfort and to avoid confrontation. It made them such convenient in work, but can turn their life into a nightmare. And, unfortunately, because of similar humility they often become the victims of ill treatment. But from a horse it is possible to achieve much bigger if to become a being, safe for it, and to understand it.

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