• Dec 3, 2018

why his cat pisat in a tray, and craps nearby, he has to understand a problem and try to find out the main reason. It does not depend on breed of a cat, but the set of factors can affect such behavior. In most cases the owner can solve a problem, at the same time he does not need to train and beat an animal for education.

Why the Cat Pisat in a Tray and Craps Nearby

Behaviour of the pet

The reasons of strange cat's behavior can be a little. Oddly enough, but most often influences it cleanliness of an animal . Vast majority of pets simply not can and do not want to go to a pot if it is dirty.

Behaviour of the Pet

Some cat's are so ambitious that will not go to the tray until not to wash up it to gloss and a scratch and also will disinfect. Only such careful processing of a cat's toilet is capable to overcome all smells. It is possible to process a container usual acetic solution.

Ways of a solution

Fight against such importunate problem can be long, but she is obliged to be persistent. The owner of a cat should not give up at all. following events:

Ways of a Solution

Change of Cat Litter

  • Prevention of a problem . Before buying a little kitten, it is necessary to think over everything to trifles and furthermore where the favourite pet will celebrate the natural need. It is necessary to buy beforehand filler (if it is required) and a good tray. The main problem — the choice of the place for a toilet. It has to be convenient and silent. The cat has to be sure that at the time when he will write or crap, he will not be disturbed.
  • Some cats flatly refuse to go to the same toilet a bit and more. It is quite possible that it occurs because it was taught by their mother since the birth. Therefore it is just necessary to buy the second tray, the problem will be solved by itself. Habits since the childhood — they are the strongest.
  • It is necessary to remember, when was bought a concrete tray for a cat . The animal grows and if small to the baby was rather small container, then the adult small animal demands space. It is quite possible that acquisition of a big, spacious tray will solve a problem once and for all.
  • If in a tray there is a specific smell, then sometimes it it is possible to remove by purchase of other filler . It is worth trying various brands and to choose more suitable. If filler is not used at all, then it is possible to try it to fill. Cats have a congenital instinct to hide excrements, and it does not vanish over the years. Having an opportunity to realize it, the animal can cease to deliver to the owner of inconvenience and the problem with ease will be solved.
  • The cat can crap by a tray because of the unsatisfactory state of health . The animal does it does not intend and not to spite, just can be so that the tray is associated at an animal with pain and something terrible. Perhaps, the reason in locks or a diarrhea and also other diseases.

If the cat behaves suspiciously and unusually the character, then it is better to descend on reception to the veterinarian who will conduct examination and if necessary will register treatment.

Schooling of a Kitten to a Tray

It is impossible to beat the pet for such oversight at all. The small animal just will not understand for what he earned punishment. As a result the owner will get mistrust and change of behavior of the pet. He will become timid and will aspire to loneliness.

It is the best of all to praise a cat who does everything correctly, that is goes to a toilet exactly there where it is necessary.

It is difficult to state the true reason for why the specific cat craps by a tray, but to try understand an animal each owner can. It is necessary to watch a cat, to consider her current behavior and to take measures. Experiments are very appropriate here, they allow to find the correct solution both for a cat, and for his owner.

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