• May 3, 2019

the Healthy nutrition is a guarantee of health and long life expectancy of the pet. The beginning manufacturers quite often forget about features of a gastrointestinal tract of animals what leads to developing of dangerous diseases and complications. There are 10 "gold" rules of the balanced food of cats and dogs.

Balanced Food of Cats and Dogs

of Sterns, mode and diet

When using an industrial forage it is necessary to give preference to the quality and checked products. Food exclusively dry products will negatively affect a condition of the kid.

It is recommended:

  • to give a dry feed in the morning;
  • in the evening more liquid, for example, canned food.

Dogs are known for the restlessness and draft to gnaw all surrounding objects. Cats are also inclined to it that is the first sign of non-compliance with the mode.

is desirable to Feed animals at the same time, and is categorically strictly forbidden to give food from human.

Obesity of Cats and Dogs

Fight against excess weight is important also for animals . Many find something lovely in podgy kitties and doggies, however it brings serious tortures to a woolen lump. At the started obesity stages animals face functioning problems to musculoskeletal, endocrine, digestive, respiratory and secretory systems. Life expectancy therefore the pet cannot be overfed is significantly reduced, and the menu has to be balanced.

Fight against a hunger strike and quality of food

If healthy food within a day does not come to an organism of a cat, then in a liver pathological process develops. If the cat refuses food the second day in a row, then at the first opportunity it is necessary to visit specialized medical institution for animals.

At a stern of bonus quality there is a large number useful micro and macrocells. is important to give preference only to the checked producers , and it is even better to consult previously with the veterinarian. He will make the plan and regularity of food and also will calculate the volume of portions individually for each pet.

Refusal of milk and mixing

At cats in an organism the obvious lack of the important enzyme capable to split lactose therefore consumption of fat milk can worsen health of the pet is observed. It is better to include in the menu fermented baked milk, kefir or cottage cheese (with fat content to 5%). Such products should be given seldom and in small portions.

Dry feed

it is impossible to Mix a dry feed with damp . It is scientifically proved that at a razmokaniye the dry feed loses up to 80% of the useful qualities. For this reason one of pledges of successful food is the separate use of products.

However near a dry feed surely has to stand a pan with water that the pet could satisfy thirst if necessary.

Fresh water, vitamins and minerals

Liquid plays a huge role when functioning cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, secretory systems. It is important to provide to an animal continuous access to clear water, especially when feeding with a dry feed.

sterns of bonus quality contain enough useful micro and macrocells . If the manufacturer decided to feed the pet with natural food and even made the special menu, then it is necessary to think of useful additives.

Natural Food

can Buy medicines in veterinary drugstore, but previously it is necessary to consult with the qualified specialist.

Food should not stand

Laboratory researches confirmed that if the dry feed is in a bowl more than 24 hours, then on its surface there is an oxidation of fat and actively pathogenic microflora breeds. As a result it will lead to toxic poisoning and development of dangerous diseases of a gastrointestinal tract.

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