• Feb 26, 2020

The Operantny method of training of dogs gains the increasing popularity among owners and competent cynologists. Than this method is good? We bring to your attention 9 pluses of operantny training of dogs .

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  1. the Dog — the active participant of training, but not passive "object", so, she shows an initiative and is interested in study.
  2. the Dog draws conclusions and can control a situation, so, her self-confidence increases and the intelligence develops.
  3. At dogs self-checking increases, they quickly learn to work in difficult conditions with a set of irritants.
  4. the Operantny method, unlike mechanical, works with any dogs.
  5. by the Operantny method the dog can be taught anything.
  6. the Operantny method of training at which the correct actions at once are actively encouraged yields stable and reliable result.
  7. at the heart of an operantny method of training — satisfaction of motivation of a dog, so, the desirable behavior will be shown even more often.
  8. the Operantny method is not just training, but also creation of the relations with a dog based on mutual respect, love and interest.
  9. the Operantny method of training gives the chance to receive a dog obedient, but at the same time gushing forth energy, cheerful and initiative.

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