• Aug 27, 2019
the Word "trauma" is translated from Greek as "damage". This impact on an organism of the factors of the external environment causing the functional and morphological violations which are followed by development of local and general protective reaction of an organism in bodies and fabrics.

What there are injuries at dogs

Types of injuries Appear as a result: Are shown by as:
Mechanical impacts on bodies and fabrics of mechanical force: falling of a dog, arrival of the car, cuts, etc. squeezing, bruise, gap, razmozzheniye, fracture, stretching, wound.
Physical influences of temperature (too high or low), electric current, radiation (radioactive or x-ray), ultra-violet light. burns, radiation sickness, freezing injuries.
Chemical impacts on an organism of alkalis, acids, salts of heavy metals, toxic agents. chemical burns, but there is also the general poisoning of an organism at absorption of toxic agents.
Biological influences of microorganisms (mushrooms, viruses, bacteria), parasites and their toxins.
Mental severe stress, fright, violations of conditions of keeping, adverse climatic conditions, wrong transportation, etc. In hard cases they lead to shock and even to death of a dog.
Mixed several injuring factors. For example, sting of a venomous snake or infectious damage of an open wound. the Mixed injuries can be more dangerous, than single.
Depending on character:
  1. Opened (skin or mucous membranes is injured).
  2. Closed (without violation of integrity of skin or mucous).

First aid at injuries at a dog

A change — full or partial violation of anatomic integrity of a bone, is followed by damage of the soft fabrics surrounding a bone and dysfunction of the injured extremity Can result from falling from height, an unsuccessful jump, excessive loads of a bone. Most often extremities suffer
your actions:

1. Apply a motionless bandage and the tire the place of a change. For this purpose it is possible to use pieces of strong cardboard, elastic stalks, or direct strong wood rods. The tire has to be such length that it could take one joint above a change and one – below a change.

2. Strengthen the tire bandage or a dense bandage.

3. If after imposing of a bandage you noticed that the lower part of an extremity of a dog swelled and increased in volume, it is necessary to weaken a bandage a little.
the Bandage has to be at the same time hard, but also not interfering normal blood circulation in an extremity of a dog.
4. As soon as possible address the veterinarian.
The bruise is the closed damage of bodies and fabrics without violation of integrity of skin or mucous membranes. The bruise at a dog can arise from blow. It is very easy to injure muscles, a liver, a spleen, kidneys, blood vessels.

Your actions :
  1. Provide to a dog rest.
  2. Apply a hard dense bandage by means of bandage.
  3. It is also possible to use cold compresses and lotions and to put ice if there is such opportunity. However it is necessary to do it in the first 2 days.
  4. As soon as possible address the veterinarian.
Squeezing results from long influence of the injuring factors, for example, accident indoors, a train accident, etc. As a rule, it is followed by shock, bleeding of the squeezed fabrics, development of a necrosis. Load of kidneys and heart increases.

Your actions :
  1. Impose the pressed-down extremity with cold.
  2. Impose protective plaits on the squeezed extremity above the place of squeezing before their release.
  3. At once after release hardly bandage the injured extremity. Impose tires and apply cold.
  4. As soon as possible bring a dog to veterinary clinic.
At first impose protective plaits, only after that release the squeezed extremity.
Stretching is a violation of integrity of separate sheaves, small vessels or fibers without visible damages. At a gap visible damages are added.

Your actions :

1. Provide to a dog rest.

2. Apply the hard pressing bandage the damaged site.
you Watch that the blood-groove in an extremity of a dog was not broken.
3. As soon as possible address the veterinarian.
Concussion arises at influence of an air wave as a result of explosion, an earthquake or high-frequency fluctuations. Sharply blood pressure falls, there can come shock.

Your actions :
  1. Provide to a dog rest, limit movements.
  2. Immediately address the veterinarian.
Dislocation — this violation of integrity and compliance of articulate surfaces of bones. It can be received as a result of falling, blow, an unsuccessful jump.

Your actions :
  1. Provide to a dog rest and limit movements.
  2. Immediately address the veterinarian.
  3. It is necessary to redeem natural situation in a joint of the displaced bones. And, rather such help – the better will be rendered.

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