• Aug 26, 2019
Many of us like to carry out by
at least a part of a holiday on the beach. But whether the dog can join us? And whether it is worth taking a dog on the beach?

Pros and cons of a dog on the beach

pro it is easy for
to find Arguments:
  • you should not be separated from the loyal friend,
  • the dog can derive a lot of pleasure, плескаясь in waves, digging holes in sand or chasing a ball.
But is also arguments contra stay of a dog on the beach:
  1. If you do not go to the special "dog" beach (and to find such hardly), other visitors can express discontent, and even loudly be indignant that for certain will not improve to you mood. Imagine, dogs are loved by not all representatives of the human race. Besides, many beaches are decorated by the plate "The entrance with dogs is forbidden".
  2. there Is also the return: around a dog the crowd of fans of animals gathers (including small children), not all from which are able to treat friends of the person correctly. And the dog can be delighted not. And the pet can be treated with doubtful yum-yum! And shouts and noise usually irritate dogs.
  3. Not all dogs love water, and swimming behind the thrown stick on command can become not entertainment, but the real test for the favourite. By the way, high waves – real threat for a dog, whatever good swimmer she was.
  4. Prepare that after "plyazheterapiya" to you it is necessary to get long and boringly sand from ears, eyes and hair of a dog. Besides, if sand gets into eyes, they can inflame, and the grains of sand hammered into wool between fingers rub paws.
  5. Many beaches, alas, "decorate" splinters, metal bottle covers and other injury-causing garbage. And you can notice not at once that the pet was wounded, and it will develop into inflammatory process.
  6. Dogs do not disdain to drink water from the river or the sea, and it is not always useful to an organism of a canine friend. Besides water can get into ears and eyes that too often causes inflammations.
  7. As a rule, on the beach it is enough hot. And the dog, especially the owner of long dense wool or the shortened muzzle, can quite catch heatstroke.

If all of you decided to take a dog on the beach

If pluses for you moved possible minuses, and the dog goes with you to rest, surely specify what rules act on beaches of the resort which attracted to you. Some allow dogs on the beach only in a certain time of day (for example, late at night or early in the morning), some introduce restrictions (as option to move on specially laid paths, without letting a dog to sand), here and there it is not authorized to dogs to enter water.

One more option — to go to the "wild" beach where will not be able to make you a complaint.

Anyway, it is necessary to follow the main rule: with yourself surely take a lead, a forage and water for the pet, a road bowl, a towel and a laying.

surely remove
I if the dog celebrated need on the beach.
Dog on the Beach of a Photo On a photo: a dog on the beach

What else needs to be considered if you gather in a trip with a dog?

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