• Aug 22, 2019
the Organization of vital space directly affects physiological and psychological wellbeing of dogs. And in our forces to create comfortable conditions for the pet.

That is necessary for a puppy

  1. Plank bed. It can be матрасик (rag or straw), a small rug, a plastic or wooden box (sides have to be low), an oval basket, a lodge or a special stove bench which is on sale in pet-shop. Indispensable condition: the dog has to have an opportunity to be extended in all growth. If you use a box, the laying is surely put on a bottom.
  2. the Toys made of strong plastic or special rubber. Toys have to be safe that the dog could not be wounded, cracking them, to swallow something inedible or to choke.
  3. Bowls, separately for a forage and for food. It is better to use for feeding of a support that the puppy did not hang the head lower than the level of withers, otherwise he can swallow air that is fraught with gripes.
  4. the Forage — qualitative, made of natural ingredients.
  5. Delicacies.

Organization of vital space for a puppy: safety first of all

Before appearance of a puppy attentively examine the room.

All wires have to be removed — to a puppy difficultly to resist them!

it is better for
to put Floor tubs with plants on the eminence inaccessible for the kid.

Everything cleaning and detergents also remove
from a zone of access of a puppy.

you Watch that on a floor small objects which the dog can swallow or choke did not roll.

Zoning of the room for a puppy

the First zone — a puppy dwelling. There the kid has a rest and sleeps. Here its berth is placed. Even the little puppy in this zone does not celebrate need. It has to be the quiet, secluded place, far from drafts and noise, far away from the battery.

the Second zone — the territory of games and pranks. There the puppy rustles, runs, has a good time.

the Third zone — the place where the puppy can go to a toilet. There put newspapers or diapers which change in process of pollution.

If you accustom a puppy to a cage, do not lock it in it for a long time. It is impossible to assume that he recovered there, and it is difficult to suffer to the kid. Therefore put the pet there only when he already descended in a toilet.

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