• Aug 27, 2019
Overcooling and a frostbite are very dangerous to dogs as they involve serious consequences not just for health, but also for life of a dog. Therefore it is important to be able to secure the pet against them.
 Overcooling at dogs

overcooling Symptoms at dogs

  1. the Shiver and a fever – the first signs of overcooling at a dog.
  2. If to pass the first signs, there comes the following stage: the dog to become sluggish and apathetic.
  3. Loss of consciousness and lump.

frostbite Symptoms at dogs

At a frostbite can notice a huge difference between healthy sites of skin and frost-bitten:
  1. the Lowered temperature of an affected area.
  2. Decrease or total absence of sensitivity of an affected area.
  3. Change of skin color: at first pale, reddening progresses then, and further skin darkens up to black color.
  4. bubbles as Can appear at a burn.
most often are exposed to the Frostbite peripheral sites (ears, paws, fingers, mammary glands, genitals).
 Overcooling at dogs

How to help a dog during the overcooling or a frostbite

If you noticed above-mentioned signs, right there place a dog in heat. It is worth noticing that process of warming can be painful for an animal. It is important to warm a dog gradually, for this purpose grindings (it is impossible to pound affected areas) and an ukutyvaniye a warm blanket well will approach. It is impossible to place a dog near the battery and the heater, it is also impossible to apply a hot-water bottle.

needs to apply a multilayered wadded and gauze bandage frost-bitten sites of skin, but not hard – it will allow to avoid a temperature difference.

accompanies Overcooling decrease in sugar in blood therefore it is worth giving to drink the pet warm solution of glucose (2 – 3 tablespoons of glucose on a glass of water).

When was given first aid, it is necessary to address immediately in a vetklinik.

When treatment is successfully passed, it is necessary not to forget that the dog who before was exposed to overcooling will be more sensitive to frosts and cold weather in the future and is inclined to repeated overcooling and a frostbite.

Prevention of overcooling and frostbite of dogs

it is important to
to remember prevention of a frostbite and overcooling at dogs.

In frosts and strong winds needs to reduce walking time.

needs Also to be watched a dog. If you see that the dog begins to shiver or feel discomfort, it is better to end walk and to go towards the house
of Some dogs, especially short-haired, it is necessary to dress even on short-term walks. For this purpose there is a huge number of overalls and footwear. Of course, the dog feels not really comfortably, but it can keep her health and life.

 the Dog in clothes

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