• Dec 7, 2020

about such disease as "pitomnikovy cough". The disease is caused by the viruses and bacteria striking upper airways.

The Dog Yawns under a Photo Blanket
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As a rule, catch pitomnikovy cough of a dog from each other. Infection can occur at distance up to 2 meters.

Main symptoms of pitomnikovy cough: sneezing and cough.

Who risks to ache with pitomnikovy cough most?

  1. Puppies and elderly dogs.
  2. Healthy dog whom the owner brought to unusually long walk (for example, usually 15 minutes a day walk, but decided to go to two-hour walk).
  3. Participants exhibitions, trainings, competitions.
  4. Dogs in nurseries.
  5. Dogs on overexposures and in zoohotels.

How to treat pitomnikovy cough at dogs?

  1. Symptomatic treatment.
  2. Antibiotic apply only if necessary. Moreover, in the first days of a disease, if at dogs the good appetite remains, application of an antibiotic is not recommended. Many dogs recover also without application of antibiotics.

How to prevent pitomnikovy cough at dogs?

  1. To vaccinate dog. It is possible to vaccinate puppies from 1 month. Vaccination is carried out 1 time in year. Vaccine does not guarantee against infection, however reduces weight of a state and reduces disease time.
  2. To avoid communication with obviously infectious dogs.
  3. To stop occupations in group if someone from dogs sneezes or coughs.

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