• Mar 7, 2019

Often owners of pets test uncertainty that the fluffy pet needs to do these or those inoculations. Most of veterinarians are positive to preventive vaccination enough, however there is also other view of this question. To understand whether it is worth bringing the favourite to zooclinic for an inoculation, it is necessary to weigh everything for and against vaccination of cats and dogs.

Vaccination of Cats and Dogs

Pluses of inoculations

Experienced veterinarians, as a rule, claim that pets it is necessary to impart. Here several arguments in favor of such opinion:

Performing vaccination

  1. Performing vaccination gives the chance to prevent development of a serious illness in the pet. By the way, some diseases can be transmitted also to the person.
  2. At the imparted animal the general immunity always amplifies.
  3. Vaccination gives the chance to constrain an epizooty.
  4. Imparted a bough transfers to the been born kids of an antibody who in the first weeks of life protect them from diseases.
  5. Some vaccines can be involved not only in the preventive purposes, but also also at treatment of infectious diseases.
  6. Vaccination costs much more cheaper, than difficult treatment which is required in case of problems with health in a dog or a cat. In addition, serious illnesses strongly weaken immunity of an animal.
  7. If in the pet passport of the pet there are no marks about inoculations, it cannot be transported by plane, by train.

vaccination Minuses

Some cats and dogs show individual intolerance or hypersensibility to vaccine . If the pet has a weak immunity, it can suffer from that disease from which it was imparted.

Vaccination Minuses

So, before the procedure it is important to animal to complete a course of immunostimulators .

In rare instances can be shown allergic reaction to vaccines. Also It should be noted that the visit to the veterinarian causes a severe stress in a canine friend.

Inoculation for a Cat

Of course, each owner has the right to solve independently, to impart to it the pet or not, however most of experts nevertheless recommend to make it.

Vaccination will allow to minimize the probability of development of serious infectious and viral diseases.

This procedure it is possible to carry out only in veterinary clinic .

Before entering vaccine, the expert examines an animal, takes temperature, asks necessary questions to the owner of "fluffy" to make sure that it has no problems with health . After the procedure the veterinarian does the corresponding mark in the passport of the pet and sets the seal, specifying date and type of the entered substance.

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