• Feb 26, 2020

The modern cynology left far forward for the last decades. Thanks to it we can choose the most effective and at the same time humane approaches and methods of training. First of all, the predictability and control of the environment is the cornerstone of such methods.

 Training of a puppy of a photo

On a photo: training of a puppy. Photo: of Google. ru

Why in training of a dog the predictability and control of the environment are important?

The predictability and control of the environment are important not only in training of dogs, but also in general are important components of comfortable life. So it is possible to tell that they are significant not only for animals, but also for us.

The predictability is an understanding of relationship of cause and effect. You can not always influence a situation, but, at least, know what to expect.

For example, the fifth day of every month you receive a certain sum of money as salary. You know about it, so, can plan the life, care for financial obligations and can think of other things more interesting and pleasant. But if you do not know whether will pay to you work and in what volume, you see, it does not add tranquility and confidence.

When you take a lead, the dog knows that she is waited by walk. If in kitchen someone rattles bowls – it is worth hurrying there not to miss something tasty. And if you go to work, and the dog knows that you will return to certain time, it becomes a predictable part of her life too and does not cause concern. But if the dog has no idea what and at what moment to expect from you, she can become nervous and irritable, so, it will be difficult to study.

One more component of success in training of a dog – an opportunity to control Wednesday in which it is, or a situation. Control is an understanding that there are ways to satisfy requirement that can be changed Wednesday and the behavior to influence a situation.

For example, the dog roars with an empty bowl if wants to drink, and draws your attention – you fill a bowl and thus satisfy need of a dog, supporting her behavior. Most of owners will remember not one case when dogs very intelligibly explained that it is necessary for them. And this ability is extremely important, the dog completely depends on us.

 Training of a dog of a photo

On a photo: training of a dog. Photo: of Google. ru

the Operantny method of training provides to a dog predictability and control of the environment

At school all of us studied what is conditioned reflexes. It when the neutral incentive (which initially had no biological importance for the living being) gains the importance. Similar occurs when constantly follows a neutral conditional incentive unconditional, initially important (for example, food, but not only).

If the call to a door means nothing to your dog, it will not react to it. But if every time after call a door, occur pleasant (or unpleasant) for a dog of a thing, she will soon learn to react to a call to a door. And already call will become for a dog a significant incentive.

is known Now that formation of conditioned reflexes (a classical obuslovlivaniye) "works" even at the level of emotions, and not just at the level of behavior.

For example if the owner breaks bad mood on a dog or it is simply inclined to punish cruelly her, she will associate it with bad events and will cease to trust, so about any cooperation and successful training out of the question.

Good news: it works and in the opposite direction. If we respect a dog, we ensure safety and comfort, we use humane methods of training and education, she trusts us more and more, so, is capable to study and work, and with pleasure.

The Operantny method of training is generally connected with the name B.F@. Skinner. This method of training gives to a dog the chance to operate Wednesday and to control a situation. We have an opportunity to form behavior of an animal necessary to us.

 Training of a dog of a photo

On a photo: training of a dog. Photo: of Google. ru

Differences of operantny training from other methods of training

  • the Dog offers various ways of solving the task and/or behavior.
  • Success and a reinforcement sets behavior.
  • the Behaviour of a dog which we support arises even more often.

Make an experiment: offer a dog the covered bowl with food. The dog will try to get delicacy for certain: cross a cover a paw, to shift a nose, etc. And when the attempt will be crowned with success, the dog will receive the desirable – so, her behavior will be supported. And next time, when your pet will be faced by a similar task, probability is high that he will choose the checked working way and will far quicker reach a tidbit.

Offering a dog various tasks and constantly supporting the necessary actions (sometimes with use of hints), we can not only form new behavior which is necessary for us, but also to work on behavioural problems.

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