• Mar 15, 2019

Lop-eared cats differ in brilliant wool, a roundish muzzle and an unusual shape of ears. These animals are quite friendly and well get on with children. The thoroughbred pets having all necessary documents it is favorable to part.

Pregnancy of the Scottish cats: manufacturer's instruction

The one who decided to receive posterity from the favourite needs to pay attention to 5 things which need to be known about pregnancy of the Scottish cats.

of Feature of the period of expectation of kittens

The alumna preparing for birth of kids needs special care and attention from owners.

the Manufacturer should consider the following features characterizing pregnancy of lop-eared cats:

Pregnancy of the Scottish cats: signs

Pregnancy of the Scottish Cats

  1. Childbirth occurs in 63 - 65 days after fertilization. The delay more than for 3 days testifies to a perenashivaniye of kittens. In this case it is necessary to address the veterinarian. The kids who were not born in time can die in mother's womb.
  2. At the cat who is in situation raises appetite , she tries not to make sharp movements and sleeps much. In the mornings the nausea and vomiting caused by increase in production of hormones can be observed. On 22−28-й day nipples bulk up, and from 30 in the afternoon the stomach begins to increase in sizes.
  3. it is undesirable to to take the Pregnant favourite on hands . Accidentally having squeezed a stomach, it is possible to damage embryos. The alumna should not be nervous, during her this period does not follow without need to transport in transport. At the same time the animal needs caress therefore it is necessary to talk to him quiet tone, to iron.
  4. The forage which is used by a cat has to contain enough proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. If the animal eats finished goods, it is necessary to give preference to the sterns a premium and superpremium classes developed taking into account needs of pregnant pets. When feeding by natural food boiled fowl or fast beef and also vegetables and grain have to enter a diet. Vitamin and mineral complexes are allowed to be given only according to the recommendation of the expert.
the Thoroughbred female most often brings to

from 2 to 3 kittens.

If in a sort there were metises, the number of kids can increase to eight .

Each cub weighs from 60 to 130 g depending on dung size.

The pregnancy of a Scottish Fold proceeding without complications does not demand intervention of the person.

is important to take care of that the favourite could have a rest and eat quality food quietly.

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