• Dec 9, 2018

Representatives of the cat family, irrespective of breed, very much become attached to one place in which spend the most part of time. Therefore manufacturers try to organize to them some corner. A large number of the designs intended for the pets equipped with a berth and a zone for games is presented at the modern market. But, as a rule, their cost is very overstated therefore many try to make a lodge for a cat with own hands.

Production of a lodge for a cat

Design features

At production of a self-made lodge it is worth thinking over, how exactly it has to look. Generally fans of cats give preference to the following models:

A hammock for a cat

  • of the Stove bench . Choose for those pets who prefer to lead a quiet life, but nevertheless like to watch closely a surrounding situation.
  • Lodge . Such designs suit cats who do not love a congestion of people.
  • Hammock . It is better to get for the active animal liking to play, to have a rest a little and again to play.
  • Game complexes . Most often they are chosen by people who have several representatives of the cat family at once. Such installation includes both a kogtetochka, and the playground, and the place for a dream.

Actually therefore before assembly it is necessary to observe behavior and pet habits attentively. That he likes more — to hunt or observe, play or sleep. Having carefully analysed characteristics of the cat, it is possible to decide on ideal model of the cat's dwelling.

Lodge for a Cat the Hands

Important at a stage of planning to think over all additional elements in the form of a kogtetochka, besides these details will help to give to a cardboard box stability.

Also it is worth making calculations in advance. In too small lodge to the pet it will be inconvenient, and in too big he will feel unprotected. Besides, the lodge has to be equipped with a convenient entrance.

production Process

For installation of a cat's lodge the hands it is possible to use any improvised material. As a basis the usual cardboard box from any household appliances, for example, of the printer or the microwave perfectly will approach. The main condition that it was rather dense.

It is also necessary to prepare in advance the necessary tool and material which can be necessary in working process. is necessary For construction:

Process of production of a lodge for a cat

  • two types of material: dense and soft structure, by means of them the outer side of a framework will be upholstered;
  • moisture resistant fabric for carrying out internal facing;
  • glue, it is desirable flavourless, otherwise the pet just will not begin to live in it;
  • stationery knife;
  • marker or simple pencil;
  • a construction adhesive tape (it is better to take a wide tape);
  • student's ruler.

Before starting installation, it is worth drawing the accurate plan according to which the main cuts and places of a bend will be made. On a box it should be noted the place of an entrance to housing in advance, to ideally make it in the form of an arch therefore the compasses can be necessary for creation of a circle.

process of production looks the following in the way:

Finishing of a lodge for a cat

  1. The box of the necessary size undertakes, from it stickers are removed, hangnails are cut off. It is necessary to glue all unreliable places by means of an adhesive tape further, and then to grind an emery paper the available roughnesses.
  2. Foam rubber will be suitable for finishing of internal space (laying). If he is absent, then it is possible to use an old plaid or a blanket. The outer side can be upholstered with fabric or color paper, then the lodge for a cat will become more attractive.
  3. On a face part of a box it is drawn, and then the opening is cut out. For this purpose it is possible to use a plate with a diameter not less than 20 cm. Edges are also required to be ground carefully.

Right at the end again all places of a bend and connection are glued with a construction adhesive tape in addition to strengthen a design. The building of the cat's house is ready, it is possible to start finishing actions.

External finishing

External design of a lodge too important process. It allows not only to organize the comfortable and comfortable dwelling to the pet, but also to give it a stylish look which will ideally fit into the general interior of the apartment.

External finishing of a lodge for a cat

As decorative material it is possible to use anything, but most often give preference to a carpet. It is possible to record it in various ways, some for this purpose use the glue gun, others use the construction stapler. Though the last option is undesirable as metal brackets can come off cardboard and the pet can accidentally swallow them.

If finishing material fastened by means of glue, then it is necessary to wait that the basis completely dried out. Usually on it leaves three days. After that it is possible to acquaint a cat with his new place of residence.

To make the vacation spot more convenient, it is recommended to lay a soft pillow on a bottom. A product it is possible to take in finished form or also to make the hands. As filler it is desirable to take natural materials, it can be holofiber or sintepon — they are hypoallergenic therefore will not do much harm to a pet.

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