• Aug 6, 2019
to prevent Inflammation of gums, than to cure. The most common cause of inflammation – the scale interfering a dense prileganiye of gums to teeth. As a rule, it arises if the dog does not receive enough firm forages (whole carrots, apples, crackers, etc.)
If cannot give firm forages to your dog, it is regularly necessary for you (at least once a week) to brush it teeth the cotton wool which is reeled up on a stick with tooth-powder (only without aromatic additives) or special toothpaste for dogs. Then teeth are wiped and polished with a soft rag.
If a scale already appeared, it is necessary to remove it mechanically.
  1. Provide immovability of a dog and strong hold it a muzzle one hand.
  2. the Same hand at the same time raise a lip.
  3. the Special hook for removal of a scale (scalar) in other hand slightly remove a working part of the tool a gum.
  4. Place a scalar between a scale and a gum, densely press to tooth and you hold parallel to it.
  5. remove with the Vertical movement a scale.
Dog with a Toothbrush
Removal of a scale – the necessary procedure, he is capable to inflict on your canine friend suffering and often is the reason of a stench from a mouth of a dog.

is better if large stones are deleted by the veterinarian. Sometimes the general anesthesia is applied to this procedure.

of Ideal means for prevention of formation of a scale did not think up yet.

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