• Sep 20, 2019
Having arrived to the native country town on affairs, traditionally glanced in pet-shop. There were about ten black curly kids looking sad eyes on passing by people.
If was pleasant to a krysovod a rat, then everything, write was gone. As, having once looked at a small sleepy muzzle, you will not be able to leave, without having taken it with yourself.
here I already cost
I and I choose one little, but pretty little girl from a small group of krysyavka.
U us there lives the pack of girls at home, and settle to them only girls, otherwise the next sharing threatens with unplanned posterity! Boys live with boys, and girls with girls and this rule it is possible to break only when animals are castrated/are sterilized and the posterity cannot appear in any way.
Put a crumb in the only thing that was in shop – a small cardboard box. And already in half an hour we together went home.
of the House at once examined the baby to exclude any diseases. But, alas, she had skin parasites who are given only from an animal to an animal. Therefore our little traveler was processed by special means and placed in a cage-karantinku, and with this cage moved to live to other room from the main pack for 10 days.
the New rat in the house needs to be placed on a quarantine in well equipped cage for 10 days. During this time it is possible to see all diseases then treatment immediately has to begin. To pass to acquaintance to other rats only after recovery.
For all the time of stay of the micro propeller of the house we very much became friends thanks to cheerful games and viewings of movies during which the crumb sat under warm fleece baize and sometimes poked out the curious pink nose. After each contact during the quarantine it was necessary to go to a sink and to carefully wash hands not to injure sensitive mentality of other rats new smells.
we carried out by
After 10 days repeated processing of Shushi, so we called our newcomer which is eternally rustling.
Everything, it is possible to pass to acquaintance of a ringlet to the main pack now.
 Rats sleep in a hammock
First of all with a roar and knock about door jambs from kitchen was dragged a table which traditionally serves as the territory for acquaintances in our apartment. It is ideal for this purpose as wide and not high. Why table? For rats it is the unexplored territory which not under their control, with the smells and, the most important, without their tags.
Shusha carefully went down from a palm on a table and in the first second justified the name, having run all over each corner.
we chose by
of the First on "shows" the most gentle and tender девчулю from all pack. It approached the stranger, smelled a registration and went further on the affairs, without paying attention to the clot of net energy rushing around. Fukh! The first family member did not show aggression, it is time to take it back home and to drag following.
the Registration is a code word in a lexicon of a skilled krysovod. So the causal place under a tail at rats at which they sniff to understand that for the citizen before them and what his status in society is called.
On our surprise, the second and following "old veins", to code number "eight", behaved podobayushche as true ladies. The scenario was one: approached – smelled – was surprised – again smelled – turned away and went on the affairs.
Knowing characters of rats in pack, we approached acquaintance to "eighth" more seriously, were inclined over a table and were going to separate a fight between Shusha and the daughter of our main rat ryzhenky Yeseniya who took a place of honor in hierarchy. A drumbeat – and both rats on a table. Having quickly realized that before it the rat at all not from her pack, a ryzhukh accepted the attacking pose at once, having stood up on hinder legs and having squinted. So, on the one hand an open palm of Yeseniya, with another the brand new girl. Through the moved apart fingers of hands it is possible to perenyukhivatsya, and most important an alpha in the house, that is the owner, serves as a board for small that senior did not offend it. Number "eight" finished reception, following!
Hierarchy in pack – the key system of the relations in rat society. Appearance of the new family member is fraught with reorganization of all system which without showdowns cannot proceed.
the Ninth girl – the applicant for superiority in pack. Young, quick, curious and very active. For such rats appearance of new applicants for a throne – not the best scenario. Therefore we approach acquaintance to a bigger care. Rats on a table, a second pause, and here the pretender became a side to Shusha and heavy terrible feet comes nearer closer and closer. In a second the jump and the attack had to follow, but the hand of the owner prevented a fight, having covered the defenseless baby. Senior so actively wanted to vynyukhat that a nose managed to move apart hand fingers. We repeat the same trick, as made with "eighth". Following!
Came the most responsible moment of acquaintance – representation of the new family member to the head of rat pack – "alpha" to Alice. An alpha at us terrible, strict and very capricious. Only having scented a smell of other rat, it was fluffed up and began to sniff. It was similar to a shaggy balloon which lowers air. It looked terribly and was in a forceful mood to find "foreign" rat and to banish from the house. The trick with a palm in this case will not help, dances with a tambourine around a fire are necessary here. And it means several weeks day by day to carry out the procedure of acquaintance until it understands that the owner persistently decided to leave foreign rat at home.
I here, after a while our main rat stopped aggressive actions towards the settled baby. Also these days we did not forget to repeat acquaintance to other members of rat family.
 Decorative rats eat
of Times business moved, it is possible to pass to the following stage of a sharing – the general walking in the territory of pack. It is necessary to make a bed, to remove all closed lodges and boxes that could not clamp in them in a corner the newcomer and begin to let in rats.
In the territory the three of dear rats began to show
to Shusha who here main: to overturn it on a back, to drive on walking and in every possible way to show its place in hierarchy. The baby needed only to peep and run away from importunate the old resident. All this passed under our control, at such moments it is better not to lose sight of the place of walking as a fight with bad consequences can begin.

Along with it changed between a cell of the baby and a cage of the main pack rags, filler, hammocks and lodges that in time that they are not together, the smell always reminded about each other.

So they walked and changed smells about a week until Alice began to treat presence of Shushi calmly. The baby managed to become friends with some of pack, they played, looked after each other hair. It is possible to pass to the following step of a sharing.

the Main cage is washed up to gloss, all short flights of stairs, lodges, hammocks and stove benches also sparkled from purity. The first Shusha came into a mansion, looked round and ran to a bowl with vegetables. After it put girlfriends that the situation was the most friendly. Further started in a cell of little girls as the attitudes towards the beginner on decrease. The last the alpha entered home. Пофыркав it is a little on a kucheryashka Shusha, it discontentedly went to the opposite end of a cage: far away from the newcomer.
be not afraid to repeat
any of stages anew, it happens often because of difficult relationship in pack and in strength of mind of some of participants of a sharing.
a week of the relation Later became stronger. After the next walking all pack ate, dispersed on hammocks, and Shusha went in on a stove bench near by at Alice.
What here to tell – rats.

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