• Dec 10, 2018

the Entry into the polovozrelost period at kittens is marked by changes in behavior. Initial sign of hormonal activity is the increased aggression. The lovely, cheerful favourite becomes an ill-natured person, attacks the owner, spoils furniture, badly eats and sleeps, literally cannot find any peace. Terms of formation of genital function at cats and cats differ: samochka mature in 6 months, males ripen by 8 months.

Polovozrelost Kittens

Rate of puberty

There are reasons which are capable to slow down or accelerate development of a kitten in a mature individual. It is necessary to consider a set of factors: breed, food, genetics, conditions of keeping.

acceleration Factors

Fast rate of sexual development is explained by a number of objective circumstances which are easy for considering. Therefore for the attentive owner early maturing of the pet will not be a surprise. Knowing features of a pet, it is necessary to take the appropriate measures in time.

the Reasons reducing puberty term:

Kitten of Breed Sphinx

  • Breed . Kittens of east breeds (siama, Thais, sphinxes) traditionally mature earlier.
  • Constitution . Slender animals are sexually formed quicker.
  • Summer season. If the four-months age of a samochka is the share of summer, then it can quite become a mature individual.
  • of the Condition of keeping . The homeless animals reach a maturity in comparison with pets more slowly.
  • Environment. Keeping of cats and cats in nurseries where there is a contact with individuals of an opposite sex, promotes early formation of genital function.
  • of the Geneticist. the Heredity plays not the last role. If mother became pregnant early, then probability is high that the favourite kitty will quickly mature.

of the Reason, the slowing-down age changes

The leading factor which significantly reduces the rate of growing of animals is excess food. Long-haired cat breeds (Persians, a Maine Coon, the British) sexually develop more slowly, than short-haired versions. It is important to consider heredity. If parents of the pet began sex life late, then and the posterity will have this characteristic.

Growing — inevitable process therefore the owner of an animal should make the decision on posterity as soon as possible. If the birth of kittens is welcomed, then it is necessary to remember that terms of physical development and puberty do not coincide. Physically mature the pet will become by 12 months, therefore the first knitting is carried out on the second year of life of an animal.

If emergence of posterity is undesirable, then sterilization the best exit. Castration brings much less harm to health cats and cats in comparison with medicamentous regulation of sexual activity.

Contrary to the established opinion among manufacturers, veterinarians recommend to perform operation before the first knitting.

You should not hurry to sterilize pets as early castration contributes to the development of problems with an urethral system.

Development of genital function

Manifestations of growing at cats and cats differ. Changes in behavior can be rough, and can be rather quiet. Anyway the attentive owner will notice that the activity of an animal increased and gained characteristic signs. Favourites need attention of the owner in the period of hormonal activity.

of Feature of formation of cats

The cat is considered polovozrely from the moment of approach of the first techka.

External manifestations of a techka:

Techka at Cats

  • increase in genitals;
  • change of gait;
  • excess cleanliness;
  • the cat tests frequent desires to urination;
  • it is observed releases of slime in small volume;
  • unbalanced emotional state: aggression or excessive tenderness;
  • the concern of a samochka is followed by draft miaow;
  • the kitty accepts poses, characteristic of pairing.

Techka proceeds on average 7 days . Signs can be poorly expressed, but the attentive owner will surely notice changes.

If the concern of a cat reaches extreme limits, then soothing medicines are applied. It is necessary to use similar means carefully, precisely carrying out the instruction to application.

Street cats are usually ready to pairing 2 times a year. House favourites sometimes show readiness every month. Frequency of process depends on a way of life and a physical condition of an animal. If conception does not happen, then the techka stops independently. Reproductive function of cats at good leaving and the state of health remains up to 15 years.

Hormonal activity of cats

Unlike kitties, growing of cats is always noticeable.

the Hormonal activity is characterized by bright manifestations of sexual hunting:

The Cat Asks on the Street

  • the cat persistently mews, calling the self-check;
  • the animal is torn on the street;
  • the periods of unhealthy physical activity are replaced by apathy;
  • before the playful kitten becomes aggressive;
  • the animal tears up wall-paper, furniture;
  • urine of a cat gets a pungent, specific smell;
  • the pet begins to mark the territory.

Puberty — process which it is impossible to avoid. At acquisition of a cat or cat it is necessary to remember that the lovely kitten within a year will turn into a mature animal.

Therefore before purchase it is necessary to think over all details of keeping of the pet.

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