• Mar 2, 2019

Owners of dogs even more often prefer to feed the pets with industrial sterns. But it is worth remembering that only the quality products are safe. Because shelves of shops are crowded with low-grade goods, at animals the allergy to a forage is even more often observed. Everyone who cares for health of the favourite needs to know 7 reasons to change a food allowance of a dog.


Symptoms of pathology

To understand whether food eaten by it does harm to an animal, it is necessary to observe his state. in the presence of an allergy can notice such symptoms:

The Dog Scratches

Dog at the Veterinarian

  1. Reddening and peeling of an integument, rash. Because of a severe itch the dog often scratches, on her wool it is possible to notice dandruff. On the place having combed over time there are wounds and gnoynichka.
  2. Wool becomes dim, begins to look and drop out untidy. Perhaps focal baldness.
  3. Allergic otitis. The ear infection is followed by constant discomfort, the pet sleeps badly, winds-headed here and there . In auricles the purulent allocations exhaling an unpleasant smell accumulate.
  4. Vomiting, diarrhea.
  5. The unpleasant sweetish smell begins to proceed from a mouth of an animal.
  6. Dacryagogue, a pus congestion in corners of eyes.
  7. Puffiness of paws and muzzle.

Reaction to allergens can instantly develop or to begin to be shown after a while .

Negative reaction to many components of an industrial forage are most often subject decorative breeds of dog and also Labradors, pugs, Shar-Peis, boxers and other high-thoroughbred individuals.

Identification of allergen and correction of a diet

To make the exact diagnosis, the veterinarian takes on the analysis of kcal and scrapes of skin of a dog. By process of elimination potential allergens it becomes clear what products caused a pathological state.


If the dog is inclined to an allergy, it needs to give a special forage the premium or a superpremium class which is not causing negative reaction. the Hypoallergenic products are turned out by the following producers:

Choice of a Forage

  • Acana;
  • Royal Canin;

Such sterns do not contain chemical additives, preservatives and gluten, and cereals are replaced with vegetables and rice. At identification of intolerance of meat of chicken it is necessary to choose products from meat of a duck, a turkey, a rabbit or a lamb .

If the dog eats with

a dry feed, it is important to be convinced that the eaten food does not cause in it allergic reaction.

At emergence of suspicious symptoms should show an animal to the veterinarian.

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