• Dec 7, 2018

a problem of frequent cleaning of a toilet. Most difficult for those who supports several pets or long is absent at home. An automatic cat's toilet with a tray — a good alternative to usual option. Its purchase saves from need to participate in cleaning process. The electric system starts in work the cleaner of excrement which then is utilized in the sewerage.

Automatic Cat's Toilet with a Tray

of Advantage of automatic toilets

Touch sensors which define location of an animal are installed in modern devices. After the cat leaves a tray, its excrement is washed away in the sewerage or gets to the special tank.

Advantages of Automatic Toilets

Time interval when this mechanism turns on, depends on the brand of the device . It averages 1.5−2 minutes. This interval is necessary in order that the cat was not frightened by water noise, otherwise it will cease to use this tray. There are curious pets who are not afraid of noise of water and with interest watch process, but it is rather an exception to the rules.

Automatic toilets will not spoil appearance of the room, many of them are similar to a usual toilet bowl. The difference is that the device has the display for management and is connected to electricity. Some toilets automatically wash away excrement, and autoclarification is provided in others.

Cat's trays are made of faience and plastic (its color can be picked up to an interior). Санфаянс is ideal for a toilet, but are of such products more expensive. What of these trays to choose — the buyer solves.

of Cat Genie

It is presented in the toilet bowl form with a round tray which is filled with special granules. It is mounted to sewer discharge, connected to electricity and a water supply system.

Automatic Toilet of Cat Genie

The design has an automatic control system, that is it is possible to choose through what time the tray will be cleaned. Waste merges in the sewerage, and then the cycle of cleaning of a toilet bowl begins. There water with cleaner arrives. 2−3 cats can use this tray at the same time. of Advantage of Cat Genie:

  • an opportunity to automatically adjust cleaning time;
  • there is no need to watch a cat's toilet;
  • the built-in motion sensor will not miss time when it is necessary to make discharge of waste in the sewerage.

Among shortcomings noisy work is noted that can frighten whimsical pets. Need of connection to a water supply system and electricity demands special knowledge or a call of experts.

of Simply Clean and Litter Robot

Cat's toilet of Simply Clean

Simply Clean represents the round tray with filler which is periodically rotating round its pivot-center. During rotation of a granule are sifted, and solid waste moves to a special pallet (container) which then the owner needs to clean. It is the main lack of model. That there was no smell in the apartment, the tray needs to be washed out constantly.

Litter Boot resembles the concrete mixer or the space capsule superficially. In a spherical toilet filler is filled up. Here it is used only комкующийся a look. The design is supplied with the automatic motion sensor.

Cat's toilet of Litter Boot

On the set program or after manual pressing of the button cleaning process is started. It is that the capsule begins to rotate, filler is sifted through a sieve. Clean remains in a tray, and lumps of excrement get to a special pallet which needs to be cleaned manually.

All elements of a toilet understand, they need to be washed out periodically. Once a week it is necessary to pour pure filler. Advantage of work of Litter Robot is that it does not need insert in the sewerage and a water supply system, the device just turns on in the socket.

of Omega Paw Roll'n Clean

This design will be suitable for large pets . A toilet with automatic self-cleaning. Dirty lumps of filler separate from clean. Further through the built-in lattice get to a special container. The touch sensor defines when cleaning is necessary.

Omega Paw Roll'n Clean

This design within a week exempts owners from cares on gas station of a tray. The cover trap and carbon filters block solid waste and a smell. The device has the powerful engine and very strong design.

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